P3 Twitter Updates for 2011-01-16

  • WooHoo! RT @Crazyrunner: I finished in 1,958th place overall, 1,525th place male, and 242nd in my age group at the marathon today! #
  • Rock On! RT @maddyhubba: Thanks again so much to everyone for the kind words today. It was a truly amazing day! #
  • Sweet! RT @runnermatt: piled on 7.55 more miles tonight on the treadmill. Total for the weekend was 29.55 #
  • You've let him live this long, you are partially responible RT @steverunner my son's 18th birthday is #its the-end-of-the-world-as-weknowit #
  • Sure enough, there's enough snow to close school for the kids. 'We Never Close' UT will open at 11am. #WhiteBigOrangeCountry #
  • Getting ready to head to work in less than favorable conditions, but I have layers and running gear to traverse on foot. #snowpocalypse #
  • Rats! I was hoping for some snow/ice combo so i'd have to abandon the car at work and run home. There's always tomorrow… #
  • Was going to run today at Lunchtime and remembered I don't have my UT Staff ID. It is my ticket to endless hot water and being less stinky #
  • What a tedious day at work! #
  • Did I let it happen? Is there no more coffee in the house? The HORROR! #

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