Prelude to a Monkey

Sunday, November 21st will be my 16th start for the marathon distance. It will be the 3rd time that I have toed the line for the Flying Monkey Marathon. As I type this it is Saturday night, and as of right now, I do not know what will happen tomorrow.

Mentally, I am ready. Physically, a little less confident. I am at the tail end of some congestion which doesn’t have the feel of an illness, but rather allergies. Regardless, it’s congestion… and congestion at any mileage isn’t fun. Add a few hills and WOOOOO-doggie, that’s some fun running (or lung hacking).

One of the cool things about the Flying Monkey Marathon is that once you run the marathon once, you keep that same Bib Number! Forever as far as I know. Me, I’m number 438. My personal goal is to “beat” my bib number. That is, finish the Flying Monkey marathon in 4 hrs and 38 minutes. So far, that hasn’t happened…

2008 Official Time 4:43:15 and this was the second marathon in 8 days so that I could officially qualify for Marathon Maniacs

2009 Official Time 5:31:57, looking at my running log, I don’t think that I was all that into actually running in 2009, must have been the back-to-back marathons in 2008

It’s now 2010 and while I haven’t had the “best” training season, it’s moving in the right direction. Shoot in 2011, I might even have some good races. But for now, it’s tomorrow morning’s race in Percy Warner Park. As the Flying Monkey Marathon’s website proudly states: “It’s not flat, it’s not fast and it’s not certified”… and that is just part of the allure of running The Monkey… where this year, registration filled up in just 30 minutes.

I’m as carbo-loaded as I can be, I have to pin my gels to my shorts (because that’s how I roll) and get ready for tomorrow. I don’t even need to stay at a Holiday Inn Express to be a marathoner tomorrow, however, since I AM staying at Holiday Inn Express that can only help.

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1 Response to Prelude to a Monkey

  1. Susan says:

    I am so excited for you! Show that monkey who’s boss!

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