Pi Eleven

I’ve been on the Smart Phone bandwagon for about 6 months now. With the File Sale on Palm WebOS Apps right now, I have finally paid for a few apps that weren’t that expensive to begin with, but at 50%, they are cheaper than a couple of coffee and that’s the Convenient Store price too. Right now, I have the Palm Pixi, yeah… As if I need something else in my life that isn’t very masculine. Don’t worry, I don’t have the pink one.

Right now, I am using an App called ‘Poster for WordPress’ which lets me write blog entries with a decent format, thus making in 1000x easier to write entries. Yeah for me! 

[much much later]
So the update is that I wrote that months ago and just now am editing it again. But that’s okay, according to my sitemeter, this blog was had very few visiters the last few months… Like 1 a week or something like that… One is such a lonely number. I haven’t adjusted for FB and twitter yet and maximize my online presence, but I know that there is a plugin-app for that


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One Response to Pi Eleven

  1. jypsy says:

    Some of us read you in our reader and won’t show up in your stats….

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