2010 Tellico Sprint Triathlon

July 18th 2010 was the AMICA 19.7 Tellico Sprint Triathlon, one of ten races in the AMICA Triathlon Series as well as one of the outstanding local races managed by Race Day Events.

For the second year, Race Day Events has made ASD Athletes the benefiting local charity for this event. ASD Athletes is able to use the event as an extra selling point raising money allowing sponsors to have their name/logo on the race shirts plus goodies in the race packets, etc. Also, a portion of the race entry will be allocated to ASD Athletes.

Last year, $1000 was raised just on the entrants portion alone. I am not quite sure what the amount is this year, but the number of finishers is comparable to last year, so I would think that it is in that ballpark. Although we started really late in getting sponsors for this year event, there was less of the “unknown” about the event. I think we learned a number of key things about the event, and had a number of great ideas that came to mind too late to do anything about it for this year’s event, but will be awesome for next year’s event.

As soon as I get word of when the date is for next year’s event, we are going to start to get sponsors!

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