Don’t Worry – FCC Artwork

On the photography side of things, I haven’t been that active that much either. The Kids had a few friends have birthday parties early in the year and I took pictures there. But other than that, there are two photography projects for this year, one which is current and the other one on the horizon.

The first project is Artwork for Farragut Christian Church. The guy who is charge of the artistic side of happenings at the church (e.g. worship band, etc) had an informal meeting after one of the services for all artists who would want to submit artwork which corresponded to the sermon for that week. The church is currently going through a year long stint through the book of Matthew. I was all over signing up to submit artwork, as in photography, for this. It gave me a subject matter, or at least a bible verse(s) to use as a reference, for me to go out and take new pictures. Although, the artwork that I submitted this past week was an picture from the Archives, but for the most part, I try to think of new material. More importantly, it gave me a deadline!

TO date, I have submitted 2 pieces for the church.  The first piece that I submitted earlier this year (and I have that as a separate entry) was for The Last Supper. The most recent on was for Matthew 6:26-34 about “Worrying”. Here’s a link to the Bible verse, if you are so inclined. I realize that The Bible is not the Go-To source for Regiliousness for all out there… and Lord knows that I don’t want to “offend” anyone… or Do I?


The second project is that I am planning on being available for-hire for photography shoots. I’m still in the planning phase on this one… as what will my niche be, what will I charge, when will I be available, etc…  More on that later…


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