This weekend, we have visitors staying with us… Pa-Pa and J-Lo. While they are hardly Rockstars to the world out there… to two kids at our house (The Elder and The Younger), they are! They’ve been anticipating their visit for as long as they can remember and it has been sometime since the Dynamic Duo has been to Tennessee, mostly due to responsibilities close to home. But relief came this weekend and so they traveled West to Tennessee.

Pa-Pa is a habitual Coke drinker, just a few degrees behind the level of me as a Diet Coke drinker and he has in the past saved the bottle caps and other codes with MyCokeRewards Points. He was worried that since I hadn’t blogged about them (or anything for that matter) that I wasn’t still collecting them. I have been continuing to collect them, and even redeemed some of the points for the few things in the prize locker that I would actually use.

Now, I do have to give proper thanks to those who have been sending me the points! Glo-Ma, I-Run-For-My-iRoy Susan, Leesa Lens-eye and RedheadedEditor Mizzu Ellen have been sending me points on a regular basis and I thank you all for remembering me and allowing me to get free stuff! It makes Christmas that much nicer!


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One Response to Rewards

  1. Susan says:

    I do run for my iRoy!!!!! LOL

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