Epidemic but not like The Plague

You could say that I am sort of a Self-help, motivating type of guy… at one time I wanted to be a teacher, soccer coach, dream|life coach, mentor, and so on… you would think that teaching would be one of my passions. And it’s not necessarily the main one, the position of a Teacher, but Teachering is Hard… My sister in law (Amy-In-Law), I don’t know how she does it… she’s a teacher, in a public school system, in rural South Carolina… Holy Standardized Tests Batman!

I think that sharing Wisdom, or enlightening is more accurate of what I would love to do… I am working on my own personal Mission Statement which I can use as a barometer on whether some is good to do or not. My Lovely and Talented Wife has a great one that she uses to determine if something is generating P.O.W.E.R. in her life. I think in some ways, I have been adrift, not exactly sure of what I should be doing or striving for… it seems to change often, but there seems to be a common underlying theme. So, I am peeling off those layers and exposing my core (and for now, that’s all I am exposing… :O )

One of the websites that I have in my RSS Feed Reader is from LifeHack.org which dishes out article about how to improve|adapt your life from the inside out. I saw this article today and it struck my fancy… and since I am committing to blogging again, what a better thing to post.

5 Simple Ways To Spread Positivity by Seth Simonds

5 ways to spread positivity

  1. Practice pleasantries
  2. Share some positivity
  3. Save the lemon for later
  4. Slow down your response time
  5. Learn to laugh with others

I’ve purposely not included the text so that you can click to the article and that way give the author credit for the content, not just me regurgitating the key points and then moving on.


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1 Response to Epidemic but not like The Plague

  1. Seth Simonds says:

    I’m glad you enjoyed the post. Looking forward to seeing your renewed flow if inspirational postings! =)

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