Gravity of the Situation

Something strange happened yesterday… okay, something strange happens to me everyday, so maybe this was just a normal occurrence…. who knows. Anyway, I was on The Runner’s Roundtable podcast yesterday on as one of the Race Directors of the WORLDWIDE FESTIVAL OF RACES! We are coming up on our 5th running of the event! Holy Schmoly! Hard to believe that it has been that long but time marches on.

So during the intro, Steve Runner (not his “real” name) asked me “So, Terry, what have you been doing running wise” (okay, don’t quote me) and for a split second, I went into another dimension and started to contemplate… “what HAVE I been doing?”

The Short-Short answer is NOT MUCH. The last time that I ran was on June 12, when I went trail running. Since then I haven’t run a mile or even a quarter mile. My last race was early May with the Run for the Deaf 5k where my Spring Racing Season did not turn out as well as I wanted it to. If you believe in the Periodization Theory, that is periods of time are grouped together for a specific goal, I have been in a Rest Period. Probably the longest one of my running career. My first month of basically “not running” was in July 2003 when The Elder was born. I ran once that month, and then came back in August. Usually there is another Rest Period in December/January where there is 3 weeks of little running as I recover from the fall marathon and then ramp up for Calhouns 10miler at the end of January.

So why the big break? Not sure, but I have my theories…

But what Wednesday’s Runner’s Roundtable did was to get a little fire going. I am still planning on running the Flying Monkey Marathon in November, so that means that training would start somewhere around August 1st. But that’s like 5 weeks away… and would result in an approximate 12 week resting period. Good thing you don’t really forget to run… or is that to ride a bike? I just check the calendar and this weekend (June 25th) would be Week 8 of no-racing, no-training. It’s actually kinda Surreal…

But Terry, it’s hotter than the sun out there, what are you thinking? Yes, it is hot out there, maybe not as hot as the sun, or even as hot as in Arizona, but isn’t it the Humidity that really is the clincher?

So yesterday during the Runner’s Roundtable, Steve Runner cornered me and in the deepest, most evil sounding voice… “So… when is the next Gravity@1053′ episode?”, the skies darkened and everything went silent. The next voice I heard was my own subconscious saying, “Dude, you are on Air… internationally, say something with words and try to make it sound good… Lord, please help us…”

Then I remembered that I actually enjoy recording my podcast: Gravity@1053′, what I don’t enjoy is the stretch of time that it takes to get to the computer, edited and all that other podcasting-type stuff. Part of the little fire was, yes, I do like to podcast… and I do have my laptop up and running, so what is stopping me? Basically, just a lack of focus and motivation. Well, make that a significant lack of focus when it comes to the extracurricular stuff in my life, which in turn, lowers my motivation on just about everything.

There’s been a number of factors (as with everyone) which has been contributors. Some of them I have been able to address and not necessarily nullify but at least mitigate it some to where it is manageable. I’ll probably blog about them, which will give me topics to blog about, since blogging has been another casualty of lack of focus… SQUIRREL!

While I don’t have a training program penciled out at this point, there is one in the works. I’ll need a couple of days to work on that to make sure the schedule is manageable for the rest of the summer and the fall. But what I am looking at doing is recording a new episode of Gravity@1053′. And I don’t think that I am going to try to capture the audio exclusively on runs, since that doesn’t always work well for me, but use the Planet3rry Mobile Recording Headquarters instead. I have a smart phone now… it should be smart enough to help me you would think!

My goal is to record the audio and have a show ready for Monday Morning…

Oh, and if you are reading this entry on my blog, you might see that I changed the theme… a new start… a clean pair of underwear… so to speak


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3 Responses to Gravity of the Situation

  1. DPeach says:

    Nice underwear.

  2. Susan says:

    I like the new theme and look forward to your return!

  3. Steve Runner says:

    SQUIRREL! (I know the feeling)…get going with that PodCast Terry; my iTunes application is in need of some Gravity!

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