Guess My Time Win Crap: Ribbon Run 5k

It’s a New Race week! So that means it’s another Guess My Time, Win Crap contest. This contest however is being advertised MORE than 24hrs before the actual race! Hopefully this will increase the number of people guessing, as in at least ONE person. The race this week is Breakthrough’s Run for Autism. Breakthrough Corporation is a local non-profit whose mission is “To Improve the Lives of Adults with Autism” and this is one of their yearly fund raisers. This is the 4th Year that it has been run and my 3rd running of this event. The first year (2008) I ran it, I was getting back into regular running and used the race for some speedwork and then last year it my first race of the year. Ironically, my finishing time for both years only differ by 1 second. Go Figure!

Guess My Time and Win Crap Rules and Regulations:

  1. All you have to do is guess my OFFICIAL finishing time for the race. I will provide some numbers below to help you base your calculation. Official Times will be what is recorded by the race officials. If I am not able to get that time, then I will use my watch time.
  2. You can enter as many times as you want, however, your Guess with the latest timestamp on it will be your official guess.
  3. Entries with a timestamp later than the advertised race Start Time will not count.
  4. You can leave a Guess a number of different ways, thanks to today’s technology. You can leave a comment on my blog, leave a comment on my Facebook post of the contest, leave a comment on my Twitter account, either direct message or mention is fine (I recommend using the hash #GMTWC, so it’s easier to find) or you can email me your time as well.
  5. Winners, if I do not already have your postal address, will have to submit a mailing address for the Winning Crap, but beware… that does open you up to things such as Christmas Cards, Free Trial Sizes of embarrassing items and anything else that I deem to be humorous to me. I think past winners can testify that I am all bark and no bite when it comes to the “embarrassing stuff”.
  6. In the case of ties, I will award the time with earliest time stamp, going down to the picosecond if I must.
  7. If by some chance you guess my time exactly, you will win The Craptastic Prize!

So what exactly will I win?

That remains to be determined but it’ll be items that I have lying around. While I am not going to be giving away anything as cool as an iPad or something like that, it will be marginally useful. Primarily it’ll be things that won’t cost me much to ship. The Craptastic Prize will be in the form of a gift card from a store of my choosing with an amount of my choosing. It will be in addition too the regular Guess My Time, Win Crap prizes!

Race History and other race information

Race: Run for Autism 5k

2009 Results
Number of Finishers: 229
Overall winner: Andy Baska 14:37

Race Date/My Times/Overall Place/Age Place

Apr-19-2008 24:10 /  39|126 / 04|08
Apr-16-2009 24:11 / 49|229 / 06|15

Course Map – They don’t have a link to one on the website, but I might

Terry’s Finishing times for 5ks since 2004

Race                  Date        Time
Spring Sprint         Apr-3-2004  24:03
Run for the Deaf      May-8-2004  22:28
Fireball Classic      Jul-3-2004  22:57
Scholar's Run         Aug-21-2004 24:57
Run for the Deaf      May-7-2005  24:01
Scholar's Run         Aug-20-2005 24:36
Reindeer Run          Dec-4-2005  23:14
Scholar's Run         Aug-19-2006 25:12
Farragut Fall Classic Sep-23-2006 22:08
Spring Sprint         Apr-14-2007 23:46
Scholar's Run         Aug-18-2007 23:32
Reindeer Run          Dec-2-2007  22:33
Spring Sprint         Apr-12-2008 24:12
Ribbon Run            Apr-19-2008 24:10
Run for the Deaf      May-3-2008  23:27
Fireball Classic      Jul-3-2008  26:23
Scholar's Run         Aug-16-2008 24:58
Ribbon Run            Apr-16-2009 24:11
Scholar's Run         Aug-18-2009 26:21
Run for the Schools   Apr-10-2010 27:12

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