Richmond Virginia Area People

I have a friend who needs some help… well, you can take that one MANY levels, but he is completing his Ph.D degree at VCU and needs some more “data”.

I told him that I would pass the information around, so see if you Qualify or if you KNOW of someone who might Qualify, please contact him ASAP.
If you are able to respond to him, I’ll buy you a beer or a soda next time I see you! Rumor has it that there is mad cash for those that participate, I dunno though…

Here’s the information:

I am conducting a study examining the effects of resistance exercise on blood vessel function.  I need subjects for this study.  At this point, I only need a few more people with a BMI (body mass index) over 27 (A person who is 5’9″ and weighs 190 would have a BMI of just over 27)  It would require visits on 2 consecutive mornings at our lab in Richmond.
The subjects can not have done any strength training for at least 6 weeks and can’t currently be doing vigorous exercise, such as running or fast cycling.  Also, you would need to be aged between 18 and 39, not smoke and not be on any cardiovascular medications, such as blood pressure medications.  Here’s a link to a BMI Chart.
Please consider volunteering!  Also, please talk with your wife and/or significant other to see if she would consider participating.  Speak with your other friends, too.  Please email me directly with questions. I am home for UNC’s spring break this upcoming week so I could meet with subjects any two consecutive mornings from Monday March 8th until Monday March 13th.
Gray Lipford, M.S., CSCS
Virginia Commonwealth University
Department of Health and Human Performance
Exercise Physiology Laboratory
3600 West Broad Street
Suite 350
Richmond, VA 23220

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