By Hand, The Technical Way

So I thought that the Upgrade to my blog would be easy… well, it was except that I had an error saying that I couldn’t upgrade to WordPress 2.9.1 because MySQL db was something like 4.0.69 and it needed to be like 4.1.3.

No Problem… Export old db, Make NEW MySQL database 5.something, Import and I would be good to go.
Except that whole IMPORT thing didn’t work… or at least I didn’t know what check boxes to check/uncheck. Of course needing the internet, this was something I wanted to do here at work, since it was already in the middle of upgrading and I didn’t want to leave all of my readers in suspense on when was going to be back online.

So, I did it the old fashion way… by hand. Except in the world of computers… that is the Ol’ Cut N’ Paste. So I opened two windows of phpMYAdmin, one of the old WordPress database and one of the new database. Then take each table from the old database and Export it to SQL code, Go to the new database and run the SQL code which creates the table (and thankfully) and populates the data. I had 29 Tables…

Finally it’s done, the upgrade seem to have took. I don’t have time to fix/upgrade my plugins, because while all of this is going on at my desk at work. The GREAT BLIZZARD OF FRIDAY 3pm is happening right now. Of course, you may think that I am CRAZY for doing all this in the FREAKIN’ BLIZZARD, but this is how I look at it…

Everyone else scattered earlier… they’ll find all the slick spots before I do… and just by the sheer number of people leaving there will be less idiots out on the road when I make it home. Well, according to some, there will be at least one… I do have a contingency plan if I can’t get the car home… I have my running clothes with me!

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1 Response to By Hand, The Technical Way

  1. DPeach says:

    Ah, the database problem. I spent 4 hours at my database guru’s house working on mine. I have 6 databases that had to be upgraded for the same reason. The problem was one particular table that was killing us. Once we figured out which one it was it was easy to export everything but that one and then manually copy/paste the one problematic table. I know I should have written it down at the time. But that has been 3 weeks ago and I am clueless now as to what the steps were.

    Glad to see you up and running though.

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