Rain then Race

Yesterday (Thursday Jan 21 2010), the weather peeps said that there would be Rain and more Rain until the afternoon and then a break and then MORE rain. And sure enough, the morning time was surely rainy and so I concluded that a lunchtime run wouldn’t fit into the schedule. Plus the fact that we had an IEPish meeting at the primary school earlier that morning and I would be taking time off for that, I could at least “Work” through “Lunch” and redeem that hour back. Plus this week at work has been rather unusual with the work requests.

Go Figure… about 11am the sky cleared up a bit, the rain stopped and it was almost pleasant. And it stayed that way until… OH until the evening! I could have managed that Lunchtime run, BUT (wait, here’s the rest of the story) I didn’t have 1) Shorts or 2) Underwear Incognito (i.e. “shorts”) or 3) Towels because I had “thought” about checking off my list of stuff to restock my workout bag (and car) but I never actually got around to “doing anything about it”.

Today (Friday), I had The Younger with me at work, then with everywhere I needed to take him, I didn’t get back to my desk until 1:30pm. But no worries… I just have a 10miler tomorrow.

That’s right! It’s the annual Calhoun’s 10 miler in Lenoir City, TN! I’ve run this one a couple of times and with a Fall Marathon, it’s typically the first long distance of the year for my Spring Training. Which technically, it will be longest distance so far this year (decade) but I have not figured out what I am going to race this Spring.

I doubt that I will be asked back to the Knoxville Marathon as a pacer, given my CRASH AND BURRRNNNNNN (i.e. DNF) from last year, which means that I will Volunteer somewhere out on the course like I have done in the past. So that means we will have to travel somewhere (not far probably) for a race and if we do that… I want to do a race in a State I have ran before (‘Being Sober’ doesn’t count).

So, I’m going to look at the calendar of 2010 races from Marathon Guide (around 411 of them starting the first weekend of April through end of December) and which ones are candidates and go from there.

But I think in the mean time, I will concentrate on the local races, which will help build for a Late March/Early April marathon at the very least. Calhoun’s 10 miler (now), Strawplains Half Marathon (2-13-10) and Whitestone 30k. Also, there are a number of shorter races that I “can” run, but given they cost money… I might run a few and volunteer at some. That way, I can earn volunteer coupons for Race Entries, KTC items!


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1 Response to Rain then Race

  1. Susan says:

    Good luck with the 10 miler!

    And thank you for always being in my corner. You’re the best!

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