Determinated, despite no shorts

planet3rry Getting ready to do a lunchtime run… MAN it has bem a loooong time! about 2 hours ago from Tweed”

From my twitter on Tuesday (1/19/2010), I was VERY excited about getting back into the Run-At-Lunch thing that I used to do, but hadn’t in MONTHS. I think sometime November, I ran ONCE at lunch time. So, I was excited to get back out on the streets of the UT Campus and Downtown area for my runs. The lunchtime runs are truly the meat of my running life. I’ll post what my mileage was for 2009, and it was some what of a joke. Some of the mental trash that went on in 2009 carried over into 2010… and it was FINALLY 18 Days that I broke the seal on running in 2010 and today’s lunchtime was the second run of the year (hell, decade for that matter).

And in my second tweet on my running, I commented about my dilemma… a lack of running attire in my workout bag for the run, namely: SHORTS.

planet3rry So what does a runner do when faced with no running shorts in you workout bag and you can’t exactly run in you work pants? about 2 hours ago from Tweed “

Being rather excited to get out and up to the Aquatic Center, I threw my workout stuff into my backpack and headed out the door. I knew that I should have everything, as I had started to (but only got halfway) organizing my workout bag last week. This time I HAD shoes… so I should be good… right? Wrong.

I got to the Aquatic Center and while I was disrobing, I realized that I couldn’t re-robe myself with running shorts because there were none to be found. WHA? I didn’t have shorts… COME ON NOW! I should have shorts… I mean, I have forgotten socks, towels and shirts before, but SHORTS? Sweatpants… I usually carry sweatpants! Except this time. I’m thinking now, “Oh great, now I have to back to my office and mope around because I forgot stooopid shorts.” Who knew if I had shorts at my desk at this point anyway. I thought that I had them in my bag, but nooooo…

Pants… I could run in my pants. Denim Jeans to be exact. Friends don’t let Friends run in Cotton and surely not Denim. I didn’t have a backup for the pants… and I didn’t want the denim to get wet then heavy, not to mention the stench. Bathing suit! Yes! I could wear my Speedos… they aren’t the European Old Man Cut. They actually have like a 1/4″ inseam so, they are about as long as some of the running shorts out there. And while I would run in them (and have), that is warm weather attire since I run in them when I do a Brick Workout (swim then run).

So what else could I do? Run in my skivvies? Well, not to mention my unmentionables, but I wore a pair of technical skivvies since I knew that I would be running today. While I “could” run in these seeing that they would be the equivalent of the “sports bra”, I did not want the chance of them becoming Running Thongs during the run.

I dug into the depths of my workout bag and I discovered a pair of Boxer-Briefs. Hmmmm, Salvation? They had more fabric real estate than my current skivvies or the Speedos. They were dark-gray which would not stand out as some of the other vibrant under garments that I have. They kinda “looked” like spandex except that the stitching on the backside was not disguised not were they very shiny, but the might work.

I ended up wearing them, with my shirt no tucked. This way, the shirt would cover some of my backside, so unless you were really looking, you wouldn’t see the underwear stitching. Plus, I was hoping that if people were to look, they might just think they were short-short running shorts and I’d be gone down the road. I wasn’t trying to draw attention at this point because this was not a clothing-optional organized race and I didn’t want to violate any pub(l)ic decency laws in the city.

So, I went out to run in my underwear. Things went fine. No unusual honking or whistling or yelling that I noticed. I didn’t go quite as far as I wanted… I ended up going 2.8 miles, which was fine. I tested out some GPS apps on my Palm Pixi, which is my first experience using GPS equipment, so now I get to see how that all worked out.

I’ve made a list of stuff I need to restock my workout bag, but nothing was going to stop me from running at lunchtime.

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4 Responses to Determinated, despite no shorts

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  2. ShirleyPerly says:

    Way to improvise!! Glad you were able to get out for your run.

  3. DPeach says:

    Next time I come up there to run with you I will bring an extra pair of shorts just in case.

  4. Terry, I love that you shared this with us 🙂 it’s almost as funny as the run you did a while back with nature calling you throughout your run

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