My Kingdom for a Post or Podcast

I started typing up my race report to the Flying Monkey Marathon weeks ago! unfortunately it is on a computer that has limited internet access and I failed to bring it into work today to load up what I had. I also didn’t copy the file to a removable media so that I could bring it to work and upload. Bad Terry. The good news is that it is pretty much done. I need to go steal some pictures from My Lovely and Talented Wife who happen to catch me at the beginning of the race. I might even see if there are any professional pictures of me out there… I don’t think so. I think that the photographer took pictures of all the real runners, you might see me way in the background. Of course, I can be easily recognized with my Red ASD Athletes shirt and white DUMP RUNNERS CLUB headband. Hopefully, I will get that post posted tonight.

I also have the audio version of the race report to edit as well. That is sitting on my iRiver as well… I am such a slacker. GEEZ!

I am not sure how much I will get done. I am going to a free ABA Training workshop here in Knoxville from 1-4pm which means that I will be at work for half-day. Work is the only place that I can get a block of time to do stuff. The Younger is always wanting to “Get on my shoulders” or lately, play Lightsavers Lightsabers. And I know there will be a time when he won’t want to do any of that, because his Old Man is a freaking idiot! I think that is the same time that aliens come an suck out his brain until he is roughly 20 or so. The Elder is wanting me to play the “real” races or games on the Playstation 2. He is more than capable of doing the practice races (for the CARS game) but I think the stress of racing against other competitors is a little much right now. This too will pass and he won’t want me to play for him and I will get stuck off on the sidelines. That is when I will be able to blog more.

Plus, apart from the Race Reports, I do have some other stuff to write about, that well, 140 characters just doesn’t do it justice… so those are in sitting in my Creative Repository until I get some time.

I’ve been listening to B97.5 which is Knoxville’s Official Christmas Radio Station since the beginning of the month. They play Delilah from 7 – midnight and last night was a rerun from earlier in the month, which is the second time that I have heard a rerun of one of her shows. Of course when it comes to traditional commercial radio stations, there is a limited pool of Christmas songs to play. They do make up for it by playing the same Christmas song but from a different artist, but it is Christmas music. I now need to watch A Christmas Story and Christmas Vacation as part of the Terry Traditional Christmas. I’ll eventually get to the Black & White Classics too…

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1 Response to My Kingdom for a Post or Podcast

  1. Susan says:

    You’re a hoot! I need to again make Delilah a part of my evenings. Delilah is what made me join eharmony, which is what led me to Chasen. I owe her a lot!

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