Fall is in the air

Today we were on the Hallerin Hilton Hill Morning Show in WNOX 100.3 for a few minutes this morning in support of ASD Athletes! Special thanks to Legacy Firms for allowing us time while they were the broadcasting location for his show this morning. Even Eric Chessen from Autism Fitness was able to share his involvement with ASD Athletes.

I have had Windows 7 on my computer for about 2-3 weeks now. Most of the known universe got Windows 7 this week. Me Likey! There are just a few things that are a little quirky about it, my biggest complaint being that when a new window is created as a result of an action, it doesn’t automatically show up. The Taskbar flashes. I know that there is an option (somewhere) that will remedy my problem.

My biggest issue has been my iRiver ifp895. It’s an archaic item (in the realm of electronics) and while it played well (most of the time) with Windows XP, it does play well with Windows 7. I have the driver file for the iRiver, but it’s not a *.inf file, it is rather the actual *.sys file. Windows 7 completely ignores the file and so I can’t load the device. I say this because my audio from the World Wide Half marathon is there and I am wanting to download it so that I can create the next episode of Gravity@1053′! This is the 3rd audio that I have recorded for this podcast episode, and yet, the audio seems to be outdated before I can get it downloaded. I think that I will be getting a new device, something that is a little more streamlined when it comes to retrieving the audio.


I was trying to compile my running log on Thursday, since I had something logged in Buckeye Outdoors, but something not. I am surprised at my HUGE LACK of running this year! It’s ridiculous. I did update the Race Results on my site to reflect through this year. It was somewhere stuck in October of 2008… Wah? I haven’t broken any of my PRs this year, so that info is the same. My next “issue” is resolve my shoe mileage. I currently have 2 different Symmetrys in rotation right now, I have to figure out what the mileage is on them. If I need new running shoes before the Flying Monkey Marathon (Nov 22 2009), I need to start breaking them in now!


The leaves are starting to change here and it’s making for some awesome opportunities for me and Stella! Hopefully will be able to get out and about this weekend. I am, if schedule allows, going to do a long run this week… I am looking for something for 15-17 miles. It’s an away game for the Tennessee Volunteers, so that should make getting around town pretty easy. Good luck to all those racing this weekend!

Oh and next week, I think it’s time for a new WordPress theme around these parts!


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4 Responses to Fall is in the air

  1. DPeach says:

    Did the radio talk go well?

    There is a firmware (they call it their UMS firmware) you can get for the iRiver that will make it a MSD (mass storage device) and then it will be seen by Linux, Mac and Windows as just a USB drive. But, you have to be able to flash the firmware from a Windows machine that recognizes the original device. You will also want to get any recordings off of there before you do that. I don’t remember if it is a destructive formatting or not. But once you do then you will be able to use the recorder in the future. My version of the iRiver had a slight loss of record quality from the original firmware to the UMS firmware, but not enough to matter.

  2. James Staten says:

    Please tell me how you like the Flying Monkey Marathon. That’s on my birthday this year and I’m hoping to do it in 2012. I’m doing something crazy next year that I thought might be a fun highlight for one of your podcasts:

    2010 is going to be an historic year as I am going to achieve two big goals. First, I will be the first person to ever complete the entire Rock and Roll Endurance Series of events, starting with the PF Chang’s Arizona Rock and Roll Marathon in January. While other runners may have run many R&Rs in the same year, no one has ever run 13 in a single year. That’s what makes it so appealing. I’m on a quest to complete 50 marathons by my 50th birthday and this will put me over the halfway mark. The NYC Marathon on 11/1 will be my 19th marathon so far.

    This feat will be doubly rewarding as during this endeavor I will be driving a national education and awareness campaign for the fight against blood cancers and raising over $10,000 for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. I’ve raised over $50,000 for the LLS since 2003 so this will put me over $60,000.

    I’m a coach for the Northern California chapter of Team in Training (since 2007) and will be taking on this endeavor in behalf of the many honorees the society supports across the US.

    When I’m not running I work as a well-known market analyst advising enterprise IT departments on their data center strategies and about cloud computing. You can find my work in these areas at: http://www.forrester.com/rb/analyst/james_staten. I have a very demanding job that requires me to travel up to 50% of the time. I find running and coaching for TNT as a tremendous way to maintain a work life balance, keep me healthy and give me the energy to keep driving.

    I hope you will help support my efforts through your editorial coverage of this effort and the Rock and Roll events.



  3. Susan says:

    Busy as ever! I look forward to your running pick up, also. It’s always fun to read about others achieving their goals!

  4. ShirleyPerly says:

    Congrats on the radio time and the 501c3 status for ASD!

    Hope you’re able to get your long run in this week. I remember reading last year’s Flying Monkey report and that was not an easy race. Good luck and look forward to seeing what you capture with Stella.

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