Computer Movement in T minor

Let me just tell you that when our Computer Technician requests some time off, I will DEMAND to give authorization. Sure, I don’t have Supreme Executive Power at work, but I have been working my butt off this week. That is actually a good time because there is a little back there that could be worked off. Anyway, since coming back on Tuesday, I have been at the house next door working on moving computers upstairs and downstairs, and in this office and in that office. Thankfully, only two of the monitors were the HUGE old skool monitors. The rest were flat panel monitors and were so much easier to carry.

As a result of the computer movement, my time at work do to things for myself has been annihilated. Yesterday, I worked moving people starting around 11:00 until just before 5pm. (last week, I had one watch band break and my replacement watch… the battery died yesterday). I finally got to eat lunch when I got home and made dinner!

I promised that I had a bunch of Reunion Pictures and just plain old pictures to post… which I do. And so I probably should get those up, sooner rather than later!


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1 Response to Computer Movement in T minor

  1. Susan says:

    Yeesh – no time for personal stuff at work? That stinks!

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