That which of me, is mine

I’ve been thinking about writing this post for a while now and it seems that the days slip on by and nothing was getting written. Over two weeks and no post written on the blog about what I was doing or what was going on. I tried to microblog (facebook and twitter) but it still didn’t quench the thirst of writing. But I couldn’t write because I couldn’t get my thoughts down on paper (real or virtual), not even notes were helping.

Some of the greater episodes of creativity were during the church sermon, while listening to the pastor talk about that week’s theme, I could clear my mind and focus on the concepts that he was speaking about and tie that in with my own life. I had two book ideas come from the sermon and in their infancy, there is not much to say about them at this point. I’ve even started to think of writing a short story, but nothing has formed yet.

I’ve been riding the Knoxville Area Transportation, Knoxville’s public transportation and gazing out of the windows at downtown Knoxville, I think about all the pictures that are there, just waiting to be taken. I just found a way to carry Stella with me while I am taking the bus that allows me to carry the camera bag, but without it being cubersome (to hold). I still don’t have the courage to ask people if I can take their photographs of people that I see out on the street. I have shot a couple of birthday parties this year and I have been entertaining the idea of offering some sort of photography service as a way for extra practice and extra income.

Speaking of income, due to financial restraints and other important events, the trip to Niagra Falls has been put on the shelf. Despite the free registration, the amount of money needed to complete the trip is too much for our budget. So, unless I am handed some large bags of cash, there will be no Niagara Falls International Marathon for me. This means that I need to rerecord the content that I have to use for the next Gravity@1053′. That means that the Flying Monkey Marathon was my next race inked on my calendar. Well, except for the fact that it sold out in 9 hours!

As a former runner, we are giving a link a few days ahead to register before normal registration opens. However, with the way the timing worked, I wouldn’t have the funds to register until August 1st, the day that registration opened. I did not get to a computer that day, and so Sunday night (Aug 2nd), I went to go register and there was no more spots open. After being so excited to run this event for the fall, I can’t… until next year.

This leaves me with two options: Rutledge and Rocket City.

I am not sure that I would run Rutledge again, at least not anytime soon. It wasn’t a bad marathon, I’m just scarred from the condition on race day last year and don’t have a desire to do it. Rocket City is one that I have wanted to do for a while now. It is in mid-December and so training for it would coincide with what is shaping up in our household calendar now. It would count for the state of Alabama. My awesome runner|mommy friend Susan is going to be there and I could run with her. However, it’s 4 hours away and so there is the cost issue that could be the deal breaker in the situation.

of course, I would STILL need to make that training schedule that I have been talking about since June.


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6 Responses to That which of me, is mine

  1. Maddy says:

    Hmmm…….best laid plans and all that. Pretty similar tale around here [although not in the exercise department of course]

  2. Susan says:

    Rocket City it is!!!! LOL

    I understand, sort of. My life is sooooooooo different than it was a year ago!
    And, I haven’t checked blogs in a month of Sundays. Mine is stale!

  3. Susan says:

    And for the record, you wouldn’t be running WITH me, exactly, at least not side by side, speedy!

  4. You don’t have to drop out of the Niagara International Marathon due to finances – I live near there and you can stay at our place – we have an extra bedroom.
    Though I’m not sure I should really encourage you to do that race. I’ve attempted it – in fact I made it about 20 of the 26 miles and then dropped out in October 2003 due to hypothermia. I’ll have to search through email archives for my race report – it may even have been before I started blogging. The race course is not the least bit protected from wind, and it’s very windy running along the river. As well that race rarely gets good weather. Being Canadian, I had to take the shuttle bus from Canada across the border to the race start in Buffalo NY. First I had to line up for the shuttle (in the rain), then it was a 45 min ride to get to the start, then we had to wait (in the rain) for over an hour until the race started. I was soaked, tired and hungry before the race began. There wasn’t any gear storage back then either (there may be now) – so I took the shuttle with very little extra clothes and food with me. Port-a-potty’s near the start line were also scarce and required me to leave the small amount of shelter from the cold rain I found to line up for them. At the time of year that the race is held, cold, windy, rainy days are the norm rather than the exception. So there you have it: bad weather, not enough port-a-potty’s, bad route, poor access to the route for spectators etc… It’s really not a good race and you aren’t missing anything.

  5. ShirleyPerly says:

    Bummer about Niagara! But Rocket City sounds like a good second option, esp. since Susan will be there too. I remember that race being quite cheap (like $35). And the year I ran it (2003), they gave out cash prizes 5-deep to the top masters runners so run fast and you might break even.

  6. DPeach says:

    As a former runner, we are giving a link a few days ahead to register before normal registration opens.

    Now, now, you don’t have to go calling yourself a “former runner.” You will get back into it soon.

    I really enjoy riding public transportation. It gives me a chance to think while taking a trip across town. I am sure this is not true in Knoxville, but here in Mexico I can take public transportation and get there faster than if I drive myself. Buses here drive like maniacs and the general public just needs to get out of their way and let them through.

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