Rain or Flood

This week, when it has rained… it has POURED. One of the rains earlier this week lasted about an hour, but it filled up alot of my Hydrogen Dioxide Collection Units. Of course, with lots of rain in the forecast for the week, the only thing that my HDCUs will be good for will be breeding mosquitoes and other unwantables. I had wanted to go outside and look to see some of the drainage issue that my yard has (and it has alot) but as I was getting ready to head out, lightening flash and immediate thunder crash, sooooo, I just went back inside. Today we are expected to get some more wet weather.

Of course, all this wet weather has done NOTHING for my Topsy Turvytm plant. It died. However, the other tomato plants that I had bought, plus the tomato plants that my Father-In-Law planted are doing “marginal”. They seem to have decided to stop growing, despite the rain. I think on my biggest plant there were 2 blooms. Not tomatoes, but blooms. My cucumber plant on the other hand has about 20 blooms and 1 cucumber on it! It’s a very “stout” cucumber. It must be about 4 inches long, but 4 inchs in diameter. I’ll stop there.

I have to admit that this week at work things have been a little more relaxed with the workload. Although I am not back on my usual timeline of getting work done vs. getting Terry-work done, it is getting closer. I added a couple of links to the sidebars of my blog (in case you are ready this via Facebook Notes) and there’s a Geni link that I need to create as well. And if you haven’t already heard or read, I decided to sign-up for Twitter. 3 years of not signing up for Facebook or Twitter and now the circle is complete. And, as you may have guess, “planet3rry” is my ID on Twitter… that’s a no-brainer.

My running schedule is coming along, but still not written yet. I recorded some audio in the P3 Mobile Studio and I talk about that in the next episode of Gravity@1053 which should be out early next week. Perhaps by then, I will have that schedule written! I will be having a Long Run, tentatively planned for Saturday morning, and then maybe a short run on Sunday. And, I think and hope, that the schedule for the summer will be set and I will be able to make plans to work out at lunchtime and then I can add in swimming to my workout diet.

I do have a project on my list to create a HDCU of my own, using some parts around the house and a few other things. I should document the creation and post it… except that sounds a little like work in disguise. I did fix my lapel mic’s abilty to stay attached to my lapel with some good-ole 1980’s MacGvyering, but that was a fairly easy fix.


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