To The Batcave!

Saturday was a freakishly short day. I think it was because we had an appointment in the mid-morning, which meant that you couldn’t do a whole lot, then by the time we got home, it was quiet time.

After quiet time, we headed downstairs to the new Kids Office. Well, The Elder went off to play a Lego game on the computer and The Younger went into the Work Shop with me.

He started to pick up the free weights and dumbbells that we had. Picking up a 12 lb dumbbell (1/3 of his body weight) and placing on the bench about stomach-height. This body is going to be strong, but we are going to need to work with him to help him cope with some anxiety issues.

Just before I went outside, I was relocating a few things in the Kid’s Office and so during a pause break in the game that I was assisting The Elder with, I said…
I‘m going to move the Refrigerator”

The Elder, without missing a beat and who was already running in the direction of the bathroom, raised his finger into the air to reinforce his statement, “I’m going to Move… to the Bathroom!”

My Lovely and Talented Wife both started to laugh which The Elder overheard and asked, “was that funny?”


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1 Response to To The Batcave!

  1. Maddy says:

    Laughing right with you!

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