Sun Tea Action

It was nice to have Friday off in celebration of Independence Day here in America. This meant that I had a 3-day home work weekend, which can be a good thing. Of course, as I write this on Saturday, it TOTALLY feels like Sunday, but tomorrow is Sunday.

During the first part of the day, I did some quite a few minor landscaping tasks. I am expecting some free plants (4pm’s and Goosenecks) and so I want to be prepare for them. Since our backyard is nothing more than a big hill, I started to cut some plateaus, so that I could be an orienmental retaining wall for them. As I type this, that project is about half done since I didn’t have enough bricks where I was to complete the wall… I have the bricks but they are about at the farthest point away on my property. And it will take me a couple of trips, unless I use the wheelbarrow, which to get that down there is about the same amount of work as the same number of trips.

Before I could cut the plateaus in the hill, I had to clear the weeds and brush that had grown wild over the past few months… sure it’s green and it does prove ample privacy, but it’s weeds and not where I want it to be… so it had to be cut and sorted. The excavated dirt I used as fill dirt for near my retaining wall (the real one for the patio) where I am taking out the Monkey Grass and transplanting it. I am expecting quite a few flowers… all free too! Now, there are large gaps in the cinter blocks that are used as the main support for the wall (the brick is more orienmental). The people who made the wall, did not fill any of the gaps and only put a small amount of concrete over the top. So, over the 20+ years, holes have opened and there has been some amount of erosion… leaving essentially sink holes in the ground. So that dirt was used to begin to level “back” the ground.

The process of getting the dirt led me to the next project because I needed MORE dirt… ALOT more dirt. So I started digging at my abandoned garden from last year. It had been a compost area previously, so there was a good amount of earthworms in there but I was about to get a good portion of the dirt that I needed, but I will need alot more! This, left me with a rather large hole on the side of the hill where I had taken the dirt. So… I filled it in with the green brush that I had stripped out earlier. I don’t really care if more weed grow right there, that’s okay… it’s the start of a new compost/organics area.

The other issue that address was the part of the driveway that also has a retaining wall. This was the “ramp” to the backyard, before we put in the fence. Now that the fence is up, the hill on the other side of the house has better access for large mowing machines, etc. Since our “relatively” new neighbors started clearing out the brush/wild area on their property, I have taken it to make our part of that to look decent, as part of a master plan, I think they are going to do some nice landscaping there, as opposed to let weeds, poison ivy and other plants grow uncontrolled. So again, I have been making some temporary retaining walls near the real retaining wall to help stop the erosion, plus maybe put some flowers there or something. Since there is no grass there, I usually put alot of our leaves there from the trees to help mulch that area, But since I just started year, there was no mulch and the weeds had come back in FULL FORCE (Cult Jam was right behind). But I had the upper hand. I had placed cardboard down as a Poor Man’s Weedblock, so their soil to grow their roots is less than an inch… easy pulling!

So neither of those projects are in their final stages, they are still a work in progress. Tomorrow (Sunday), I’ll finsh part of the wall and some of the the other projects. I have been using cardboard boxes as a cheap mulching box for the plants and sticks that I pull up. I’ll need to make a compost area since our compost bucket is running rampid with maggots and other unindentified yucky bugs. Yucky to see and touch, yummy for the ground.

Oh, and right before I quit working at around 4pm on Friday, so that I could head out to the Fireball 5k, I stuck some tea in a glass jar and stuck it out in the sun. But seeing that I left it out over night… can I call it Moon Tea?


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3 Responses to Sun Tea Action

  1. Jake says:

    You can call it #moonfruit! đŸ˜€

  2. Marianna says:

    I have a friend that makes sun tea over here. Granted, with the heat (129 degrees so far), it “cooks” in less than a couple of hours. LOL


  3. Susan says:

    What a busy time! It seems that all of our home repairs and landscaping always take place over holidays.

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