ASDa Update

Running Status: Still no plan developed, no miles ran

I was a fairly interesting week. We had the Tellico Triathlon on June 21st which was a benefit event (of sorts) for ASD Athletes. We ended getting a $1,000 from the event host Race Day Events and the chance to do it again next year! Sah-WEEET-tah! The 2010 edition will be much better since we will have much more time, errrrr A Year, to plan for it.

I went to my my first Asperger’s Support Group this past Sunday… it was a great experience. Lots of interruptions, conversations upon conversations, random facts (usually numerical) blurted out, “That was a joke, right?” was said at least once and just a generally good time NOT having to worry about silly things like eye-contact. It’s held once a month and is sponsored by Breakthrough Corporation, a local non-profit, whose mission is to improve the lives of Adults with autism.

Also last week we submitted a grant proposal for the up and coming ASD Athletes Coach Certification Program. We are working with a guy from New York who works one on one with special needs kids and concentrates in Autism, hence the name of his company… Autism Fitness! We are planning on having the base program up and urnning this fall and it is still in the infancy stages, so there are a lot more details to work through. if you think that you would like to be a founding donor to our certification program, you can donate over at ASD Athletes and make sure you put in the notes that you want to sponsor the Certification Program. We should be hearing any day now on the decision for our 501(c)(3) status as well.

Despite the fact that I have been super busy with ASD Athletes, my athletic endeavors have stagnated. I haven’t run since late May? I am not even sure at this point. My goal is to have the training program for the fall set up either today or tomorrow and officially start training on July 1st.

This JUST in… celebrities are REAL people and are dropping like flies!

In other news, the author of this blog, Terry, has acquired the P3I3 Virus and will be out of commission and touch with the real world for about 12 hours. We are expecting him to be able to blog again sometime on Tuesday June 30th. We apologize for any inconvenience that this may have caused… wait… we apologize for nuthin’! Just suck it up. He’ll be back… eventaully (just like he ALWAYS says)! Signed, I.B. Baboon (Manager of MONK3Y M3DIA a division of


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2 Responses to ASDa Update

  1. DPeach says:

    Congratulations on the triathlon sponsorship. It is good to hear about the $1000. Sorry I have been absent lately, but I have been wanting to check on the June 21 event, I just have not had the chance.

  2. ShirleyPerly says:

    Wonderful news about the funds from the triathlon! I’m sure the 501(c)(3) status will open up more doors and pocketbooks too. Look forward to hearing what races you’ll be doing in the fall. A month off from serious training sounds good to me 😉

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