Does Anyone even Come here anymore?

Given that my blogging is as lean as it can get… I shutter just to think of what my numbers of visitors might be… I probably when from 15 to 2. But Never fear, somewhere there is a blog post or even a podcast of my thoughts (now that is ALSO pretty scary).

Things here have been WAYYYYYYY busy. It’s hard to think that June is almost over, but thinking of all that went on… it would need to be over, just about. So… what have I done? Yeah, what HAVE I done?

To start off the month, My Mommy turned 60! And let me tell you… she is aging gracefully! She doesn’t look at day over 42. If I remember correctly, I made some Gluten Free cookies for the kids, for her birthday. NO WAIT! She bought cake for the Dynamic Duo which was Gluten Free from Earthfare. The Elder loves chocolate, which was the flavor of the cake slice (big enough for two to share) and he will eat chocolate and get as excited as I do with Chocolate. However, he will pace himself when it comes to eating chocolate (he gets that from his mother). The Younger, on the other hand, has no self-control with chocolate… and will eat any chocolate that is either not protected by an electrical fence, armed guard or a force-field.

Hence, two days after the cake arrived at the house, it was gone. Mysteriously… I put on my Sherlock Holmes hat and grabbed my magnifying glass and headed to the kitchen. It seemed that whoever had consumed the cake has left clues… yes, CLUES in the form of crumbs. I paced up and down the kitchen alternating stroking my chin and gazing into the air with rubbing my temples and looking at the ground. There had to be some more clues.

I decided to interrogate question the residence of the household. Questioning myself was easy and satisfactory.

Did you eat the cake? No. Are you Sure? Yes. Okay, thanks. You’re Welcome.

How polite I was to myself but the answer had to be elsewhere. I came across The Younger, who is known for his climbing prowlness on to the counters, and asked him a few “easy” questions about that brown streak near his mouth.

Did you eat the cake?” I questioned.

His reply was a simple, “No.”

Well, then, is that dirt on your face?


Now, I had to start thinking outside of the box in the questioning… The Force was strong with this one.

So, where you eating poo-poo?” This line of questioning is tough for any male to breakdown from the sheer low-brow approach.

“No,” he chuckled, “I didn’t eat POO-POO!”

So, you were eating cake!” Check…

“Yeah.” Mate.

HEY, THE ELDER…. THE YOUNGER ATE YOUR CAKE!!!” And I made a dash for the front door!

So just a few days later in June… The Lovely and Talented Wife earned one more mark toward sainthood with another year of marriage in the books. 13 if you are playing from home. And right on our anniversary we had a visit from my Grandma Boots and Cousin Bobbie-Jo. They are from my biological dad’s side (who had MS and passed in 2006). Not to be confused with Grandma Higgins who is the Mommy to my Step-Dad Pete, who you see commenting around here from time to time. He’s going to be 60 this year… and he doesn’t look a day over 144.

So, it was great for them to see the kids and eat dinner and all that funstuff while they were here. We signed up Bobbie-Jo on Facebook, which was way fun. Jen cut her hair, or at least fixed her hair. I think my hair might be technically longer, I dunno. There’s a picture on FB.

Then, there was a crazy week when NOTHING in my schedule was staying to the plan. I am not sure what happened… some planet was probably in Retrograde or something. Who knows. But then last week… which may have been that crazy week (because I lost track) was getting ready for the

Tellico Sprint Triathlon which was to benefit ASD Athletes.

Speaking of ASD Athletes… we had a request from the IRS for more information. They received in on the 15th of this month, so HOPEFULLY, we’ll know around July 1, if we are 501(c)(3) or not… which we will be! So, the Triathlon was an experience… a good experience and we are going to be the beneficiaries NEXT year as well! I’ll probably do the Triathlon story in a different post.

But NOW, ASD Athletes is about to submit a Grant Request for $20,000 for our certification program that we want to start! That’s technically what I should be doing “now”, but I didn’t want this blog post to be looming on my mind while the last part of the grant is being worked out.

I am not sure if I have even ran this month. I still need to send in my entry form for the Niagra Falls International Marathon as well as make up a plan for it as well. I do have the pictures developed from the Flying Pig Marathon and can post those soon.


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3 Responses to Does Anyone even Come here anymore?

  1. Darrell says:

    Wow, what a month. Happy Anniversary!

    I read today, but my bloglines says I still have 56 more to go to get caught up. At some point I just gave up trying to stay current. I will go back to see how the Pig went.

    Great detective skills there with the chocolate cake, by the way.

  2. Allie Fields says:

    I think it must be a summer thing and everyone is just really busy. I’m down at my site too.

  3. Susan says:

    Holy moly!
    My life has certainly gotten more busy, so I definitely understand.
    Happy Anniversary!

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