So what’s been going on around the Planet3rry Universe?

Well, ALOT! If anything has been stimulated in the Stimulus Package, it has most definitely been my workload at my 40hr Job! Since I work in a Research Center that centers on the Construction Industry, the Stimulus Package (Recovery.Gov) aka ARRA (or the AARP Stimulus package as misspoke by a few Government Employees). At my job we track Projects… oh crap, I said to much… CLASSIFIED. Nah, not really, I don’t do anything that “COOL” although the past 2 weeks I have been getting my Uber-Geek Swerve on with some Access Database action. Query UP! I created this database because, the Government Agencies that we work with have their panties in a wad have been somewhat anxious about being able to track their time on these project. Enter: Terry. You need Projects… I got Projects… and they’ll cost you a nickel. A NICKEL!!!! Shhhhhh…

In a normal month, I might get a “Special Request” maybe 2 or 3 times… and it’s something that I can turn around fast… if not faster. Well, when I was getting 2 requests a day for this stuff… I had to say WOAH THERE! And call up the National Office for some assistance on making the tracking Global not Terry-Local. I did try to create the database in OpenOffice Base, but I didn’t have the familiarity with Base as I do Access… not that Access and I are kissing cousins or anything. I’ve plundered through it before. So, now, I have a nice little Access dB that is saving me some time. But that time is being sucked up else where….

ASD Athletes! Although we are very fortunate to have the opportunities that we have gotten… they have been SO close together that My Lovely and Talented Wife has up to her eyeballs in stuff to do. In the past, at work… I could “do my work” very easily, but lately I have been going all day long. This week alone, I have had some form of a meeting everyday… and today was the “Super Happy Fun Computer Migration Meeting”… Think Hello Kitty meets Cujo. My Google Reader was pushing 10,000 in the unread column… now some are “deal sites” but still… I haven’t checked my email in a day or two… and ASD Athletes will have Booth Presence at the EXPO 10k this coming up Saturday… which is a GREAT segue for CRAP.

I have yet to mail the Guess My Time, Win Crap contest for the Flying Pig Marathon! It took me about a week, just to get the prizes in a box to try to mail. I now have to get it addressed and mailed. And since I didn’t have it ready, I wasn’t going to have a contest for this coming up weekend. And I am very excited about the race too! Apart from my Crash and Burn or rather Cramp and Burn at the Knoxville Marathon as a pacer, I am going to pace one of former Virtual Friends turned into a Human (I think) Friend and it’s going to be peachy to pace for him to a 10k PR. Did I say “peachy”… huh, funny, because it’s the Illustrious David Peach from Used to be Mexico but now Florida kinda because I am on the road all the time and eventually go to Africa maybe for Missionary Work. That’s right… we are planning on getting Da. Peach to a PR time of… I forgot… I think it’s around an 8:30 pace.

Given the fact that I FINALLY ran for the first time after the marathon this past Tuesday (Do the math… it’s like 16 DAYS!), I was pleased that for 10 miles, a 9:00minutish pace felt great, so I think unless David doesn’t feel peachy on Saturday morning, we are going for it! And if you remember from past Expo Race Reports, this race I run in Memory of: Hunter Biddle (2004), Bernice Varney (2005) and Robert Tripp (2006)… more on that as time will allow in the future.

Oh! and the Planet3rry Marathon Maniac is going INTERNATIONAL! I WON (again, created goes to My Lovely and Talented Wife for filling the entry form out) a free entry into the Niagra Falls INTERNATIONAL Marathon in October. You start in Buffalo (mmmmm, wings) and you end in… that city in Canada that is 26.2 miles away… it might be proper for me to, uh, get the correct city so that I don’t look like sum stoopid ignorint American whose donts knos the cities of the neighbors up north.

Well, I am going to post this and get back to looking at some POT… because I have been so busy, I have not been able to trade POT at all… and the 20 point rise has been… about 20 points of price action that I have missed.


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3 Responses to Cobwebs

  1. Susan says:

    You are something else! I love to hear about a busy life. Congrats on the free marathon, and good luck with DPeach!

  2. ShirleyPerly says:

    Indeed, busy, Busy, BUSY!! Awesome about that Niagara Falls Marathon. I heard about it at the Buffalo Marathon expo and wished I’d signed up for that instead. Oh well … Good luck on your 10K with da Peach!

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