Reestablishing Communication

I am really trying to get back to blogging, but it seems that everytime I try to get there… something comes up! Right now, my 40hr job is super busy because of the America Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) which is sending the agencies that we work with in a frenzy. So, I am here trying to save the world.

I have the Flying Pig race report to write… but I can tell you that my Blogging is more than my running right now! Seriously, not 1 mile since the marathon. I’m already close to being out of marathon shape… Oi! Hopefully, I can get some miles in this week, if the weather holds…

ASD Athletes is Rocking and Rolling… and YOU could be a Race Sponsor. That’s right! We are in charge (and receive) the sponsorship for the Tellico Sprint Triathlon… you know last year, when I overslept. Yeah, that one! Well, RaceDayEvents has made us the race beneficiary. So, Right now, if you sign up to be a sponsor for the Tellico, you get the benefits of being a Tellico Sponsor AND being and ASD Atheles Donor. My Lovely and Talented Wife calls it Double-Dipping. It’s like a Brick Donation (multi-discipline athletes will get the analogy). So go over here and sign up to be a sponsor… or to bring Light and Order to the World, sign up to be a Race Volunteer. Don’t live in Tennessee? Well, we have roads and an airport and the bus comes here. The Race is on June 21st… So BE a Sponsor or a Volunteer but at the very least you can be a participant!

Well, saving the ARRA world calls and I need to go get my data management skillz on.

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1 Response to Reestablishing Communication

  1. Susan says:

    You really ARE saving the world! At least the ASD one…

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