And the Winner is

Sorry that is has taken me so long to dish out my crap to the winner… It’s not that I have forgotten it is just that it has been busy since we have gotten back from the ‘Natti. With my OFFICIAL finishing time of 4:36:07, this means that the winner of the Flying Pig Guess My Time Win Crap Contest is none other than the chick that puts the “Nelope” in “PE”… Penelope! That’s right… she wins the Tea, the Bottle and the Bag. Look for it soon in the mail…

The next contest for Guess My Time Win Crap will be later in May for the Expo 10k. More on that in the upcoming weeks. Thanks to all those that played.

This has been another successful contest from PRIZ3S a division of

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2 Responses to And the Winner is

  1. ShirleyPerly says:

    Congrats on your successful Flying Pig marathon finish!!

  2. penny says:

    Thanks for the shi……I mean crap. I finally got it today. Love the water bottle!

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