Event FULL Weekend

This past weekend was jam packed of stuff…

But Friday had it’s own event going on as well. We met up with Kiley Yarbrough, the owner of Boogie Down Baby, to receive our check from the event. ASD Athletes was the beneficiary of that charity, with a portion of the event going to ASD Athletes! In an official check awarding ceremony, Kiley gave ASD Athletes a check for $114! A write up (formatted for ease of typesetting for publication) of the story is include here. The next Boogie Down Baby will be at the end of May, supporting the March of Dimes.

We wanted to include a flier in Saturday’s Race Packet that brought awareness to the Tellico Sprint Triathlon and getting people to participate! We stayed up late creating the flier and sent it via online to the local FedEx/Kinkos to print. Thank Goodness for 24 hour copiers!

Saturday was the Breakthrough Corporation’s Ribbon Run 5k for Autism. Breakthrough is a local organization whose objective is to help adults with Autism in all aspects of their lives, this run is a fund raiser for them and 2009 was the 3rd Running of the Event. I had contacted the race director to see if we (ASD Athletes) could have something in the Race Packet and/or a table at the event with some literature of Who we are and What we do. Judi was MORE than willing to let us participate in that capacity and with such short notice.

So at about 6:15, I went to Kinkos to get the fliers and then headed to the race to start putting our fliers in the race bags. Everything was packed in the race bags and setup to display. I’ll post a race report as not to bore those with all the race particulars here, but in a later post.

So Sunday morning I made it to UT campus and set up shop right where I usually workout each day. You know, the weather has been rather crazy the past couple of weeks. This weekend was no different! Saturday was INC-redible! Sunday started out okay, but then got a little windy and then ALOT wet! There was never a time that the triathletes were NOT wet! Thanks to Kevin at RaceDayEvents because he lent us a tent and we stayed kinda dry… but NOT warm.

We were setup right near the finishline, so people started coming into our tent area because they wanted to see the finishers… but at least there were getting some exposure! We came out with a number of good leads and some good experience! So we are looking forward to being the Charity for the Tellico Sprint Triathlon. We have ALOT to do!

And a heads up for all you Fall Marathoners. The software that we have has a way to host Personal Campaign Pages… if people are interested, I will set up a campaign for people in the fall to raise money for ASD Athletes for their fall race! How COOL is that! We can’t promise anything other than the euphoria of commiting a premeditate Act of Kindness… but we’ll see… not only am I a runner… I am the President!


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2 Responses to Event FULL Weekend

  1. Susan says:

    Sounds like an AWESOME weekend. Go man go!

  2. ShirleyPerly says:

    Wow, FULL weekend sounds like an understatement. Way to get everything done!!

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