I got a head’s up from one of my commenters about Autism and The Flying Pig…

Super Aweome Runner Alex Bain‘s Mom brought this to my attention today in the comment section of my post for Back In The Saddle:

Speaking of the Flying Pig…… and Autism Awareness…. Have you read <a HREF=”” rel=”nofollow”>THIS</A>?

THIS refers to an article, HERE (which was posted TODAY!) and the Flying Pig Marathon.

And some advocacy worked,

Update: In response to our concerns, the Cincinnati Marathon has edited its front page so that its link to the event’s website does not contain the cancer/AIDS analogy or any other language reposted from the event’s website.

[editorial note: As a runner, I am would think that it should read the “Flying Pig” Marathon! However, It should read Cincinnati Marathon, Inc. Because technically, the nonprofit organization that runs it is in fact, Incorporated. This is only a misnomer]

And the problem, as I see it, is that making an analogy to cancer, AIDS, Scurvy or any other disease is not the problem. We use comparisons ALL the time so that you can relate things to other people so they can understand. The problem comes in that using a disease to equate the number of reported cases of Autism has increased, is usually automatically associated with and branded to Autism. So, people would therefore equate Autism et al to a disease.

Using the Almighty Google and the Ever-knowing Wikipedia, there were some definitions where you could argue that certain characteristics of Autism might fall under disease… perhaps if the brain was behaving abnormally. Then you have to think “what is normal?” Just looking at all the cultures on the planet Earth, there is no normal. You have to say acceptable to most… and self imposed rules and morals. Then it gets difficult.

  • You are not going to get Autism by standing too close to me.
  • My Wife is not going to get Autism from having unprotected adult relations with me (just more kids, but we fixed that)
  • Eating my brain, while a little disgusting is not going to help you on a pirate ship.

Universally, we agree on the length of a meter or a mile, or something that we can measure with some accuracy, and that measurement can be reproduced. But why does the price of Gold change each day. It’s still just the good ole Au atomic number 79. We can all agree that it’ll boil at 5173?°F

But we (as in The Royal “We’) can’t agree on Those Things Autismic. We can’t even agree on what causes it. Is it Mercury? Maybe. Is it Genetics? Maybe. Is it Space Aliens? Maybe.

So can Autism be cured? Go talk to God… He’ll have the answer. Tell him I said “Hi.” You can also ask Him about when that crazy little thing called LIFE actually occurs too…

Could this increase of the cases of Autism In-A-Wave-Of-New-Incidents-Very-Similar-But-Not-The-Same-As-An-Epidemic could be that there is greater “AWARENESS” of it? If we KNOW what some of the signs and can bring this to the attention of our medical professionals, then they report to the governing agencies and then the reports come out that [INSERT NAME HERE] has increased by [INSERT FAVORABLE STATISTIC HERE] that it something of [WORD REFERRING TO A GREAT PROPORTION HERE]!
But as there are people out there saying things about Autism, and then there are other people out there saying “NO NO You’re WRONG!” I’ll take the side of the Optimist and say… “For what it’s worth, it’s advertising. And as long as one side is as LOUD as the other, that will cause doubt in some people. Hopefully people will educate themselves to make their own decision (if they even do that these days)”

Okay,enough of that, here’s an Asperger’s Syndrome Joke for you?

Q: What will an Asperger do if they ask a rhetorical question?

A: Answer it.

[Thank YOU, THANK YOU, I’ll be on the internet forever, remember to tip your waitress when you leave]


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