WORLD Autism Day

It’s WORLD Autism Day! It’s when the people on this globe bring awareness to Autism and the Autism Spectrum Disorders (huh, kinda sounds like a great name for a band…) But it’s only one day for some people. Just Like World Aids Day is just one day, for some. For me and my family, World Autism Day is EVERYDAY. It is our world.

Thankfully, my social and communication deficiencies from my Asperger’s Syndrome have made me (as a fellow Aspergian John Robison quoted) “Pleasantly Eccentric”. But that’s not the case for some. Some, are a little more in need. Need of therapy, need of companionship, need of understanding, need of being heard, need of advocacy. So today is a day to stop and as I have named my personal Soap Box Campaign… let’s just make it for the ENTIRE YEAR! “FOCUS ON KNOWLEDGE”


Growing up, it was all about learning. And not just what you learned in school. Schoolhouse Rocky (a Saturday Morning cartoon for Gen Xers) tagline was ‘Knowledge is Power’ or the cartoon of GI JOE “Knowing is Half the Battle”. Unfortunately Autistics can’t always SEE the big picture and know that there is another half. So this year, it’s going to be FOCUS ON KNOWLEDGE and I hope to have things that Neurotypical (NT) Person can learn about Autism and so things that Autistics can learn about NTs.

One of the things that I passionate and dedicated to do is bring the world of athletics to Autistics. It’s not that all of them are going to be great at athletics or physical activity, but they should be exposed to them. It’s a healthy lifestyle that EVERYONE should engage. That’s why I created ASD Athletes!And My Lovely and Talented Wife is passionate about Autism Advocacy as well! However, there is no way that My Lovely and Talented Wife and I can do this alone… we need your help. We need it physically (by volunteering at our events), we need it oratatively (spead the cause by Word-Of-Mouth), we need it spiritually (pray for our success) and we need it financially (because that’s the world we live in).

And since this is my blog about running… and since I am on the Spectrum (Asperger’s Syndrome) myself… I am compelled to merge the two for a Running Themed Donation Campaign. Here’s the deal, go over to the ASD Athletes’ website and click on the Chip-IN Thermometer on the right hand side (opposite side of where you Pass the Dutchie).

Be an ASD Athletes Half-Marathoner by donating $13.10

Be an ASD Athletes Marathoner by donating $26.20

Be an ASD Ultra Marathon by donating something more than $26.20


Be an ASD Athletes Plantinum Donor (since that one well known race is trademarked) by donating $140.60

Caution: Donating to a worthy cause may cause an experience of exuberance and a feeling of generosity and/or kindness. Should you experience any of these, please volunteer in your community. Like a smile, generosity can spread like wildfire (donors and recipients beware!) and even indirect contact can cause it spread. Large donations or repeat giving can instill a culture causing Random Acts of Kindness or even cultivation of Values.

And if you don’t get to Donate on World Autism Day, it’s okay… I will FORGIVE you! Promise!sw001


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