Flu Universe

I am in some sort of weird Sickness Black Hole. If it’s not one person it’s another. The Elder is having an unexpected 2 week spring break because earlier this week, he went to the doctor and was given a Certificate of Authenticity for flu-like symptoms. Of course, this is after last week’s Sinus and Ear Infection party inside my head. And now it seems that My Lovely and Talented Wife, has temporarily changed her pseudonym here on Planet3rry.com to My Lovely and Talented but Sick Wife. It seems that all the appointments that we had today have been changed for different types of appointments. Oi! When it rains, it flus.

So with sickness and the influx of more work for me at my 40hr Job, it seems that I have had less time to blog and more time to fall behind on reading blogs and such. In fact, without going back and reading my posts, I am not sure WHAT I have talked about. And since none of you go back and reread posts… neither will I. So let me Brain Dump, if you will, some of the things that I have been thinking about or that have been going on.


After the shock of having to perform 45 minutes better at the Knoxville Marathon, I came to my senses. Where as I was going to try to run 12 miles, because I was panicking that I didn’t have all the long runs run in, I came to my senses. I decided that it would be foolish of me to ONLY have long runs in for the week. What training program mandates that… only the crappy ones. There’s the problem of not having a coach help tell you what you should do, because they are objective. Part of that is a side-effect of the Aspergian mind, where focus is on one thing (not enough long runs) rather than “The Big Picture” (overall training program).

So, putting on a neurotypical hat (at least temporarily) and taking myself personally out of the scenario, I thought… given the situation, what would I tell someone else? What have I told the people that I have coached? How would I advise them?

My conclusion was that it would not be prudent to have another long run, after the long run this past weekend. No matter how fast. It would be better overall to have a Tempo Run, especially since this upcoming weekend is a crucial 18-20miler long run. So, my decision was to have a Tempo Run of 6.6 miles (3 loops at Lakeshore Greenway). Then I had a better idea and I felt smrt. I thought, “Why not run Cherokee Boulevard? It’s full of hills, which I need, I can run it tempo and it’s part of the marathon course. Brilliant!”

So, that’s what I did… I ran Tempo at Cherokee Boulevard, which the “Out” course I ran was miles 4-6.2 of the Knoxville Marathon course. So, despite the fact that I had run this section before many times, it was good practice”. I took the “Back” part of the course into 1/2 mile (~800m) intervals until the very end. At that point I was pretty tired and so I switched to 1/4 mile (~400m) intervals, but I pushed myself to complete the distance.


Thankfully, I don’t have anything that has been going around… but, Wednesday we had an unexpected visit to the Doctor’s office for My Lovely and Talented Wife. Tuesday, she wasn’t getting any better and it was time to raise our hands and retreat to the hands of the professionals. So Wednesday, I had a nice day off from work because of it, but the work just kind of shifted around because I was busy the entire day. See, we had TWO appointments that day, already scheduled, so there was changing of schedules and all that fun stuff. In fact, I tag teamed with My Lovely and Talented Wife and went to the dentist on Thursday, instead of May 4th, my originally scheduled time.

And now… we are on The Mend. THANK GOODNESS! But, thanks to some weather pattern, we went from mids 70s to mid 60s to 40s on Thursday, so that probably just means that the cycle is going to repeat. Oh, Mannnnnnnnnnnnnnn.

Crucial 18-20 miler this coming up weekend. I am going to try to map out most of it on the marathon course itself. It won’t be in order, but I do want to try to get some practice on the course and try to remember 2006, when (at that time) Knoxville was the hardest marathon course I had run. Now, it’s definitely the Harpeth Hills Flying Monkey Marathon as the most challenging course that I have run… it has character and class… well, maybe not so much on class, but it definitely has character!

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3 Responses to Flu Universe

  1. Jake says:

    Yeah…everyone’s getting sick around here too. I’ve been coughing NON-STOP since last weekend…it’s horrible. Everyone seems to be coughing…I can’t wait until it goes away.

  2. Susan says:

    Goodness! You’re loaded up, that’s for sure. Here’s hoping for some wellness and zen!

  3. ShirleyPerly says:

    Sorry to hear the flu bug is making the rounds over there! Sending some healing vibes over that way.

    Great that you can train on the actual course itself. I’ve not run with pace groups very often but the leaders of the last one near me at Route 66 were quite talkative and gave some nice info about the course and sights along the way that helped pass the time.

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