Double Tapped to the Head

This past week has been a doosy. If it wasn’t one big thing then it was a HUGE thing (or two).

On Monday, I left work early because My Lovely and Talented Wife was sick, really sick. I was gone for most of the day and when I came home around 2 or so, she thought I had never left for work. We put a call in to the doc, based on her sickness ailments, it was looking more bacterial and not viral. I was able to go out and get a Z-pack for her to start her on meds.

Tuesday, I was supposed to run around 10 miles, but it turned out that I spent most of the day ironing out the final detail for the Form 1023 for ASD Athletes. Actually, I went to the post office around 11pm to make sure that it was in the system.

Wednesday was also pretty busy. I went to a networking meeting in the morning as a guest to promote the event at the end of the month. Also to get pledges, this way we’d be able to have an idea for a budget for the upcoming year.

Thursday, I was supposed to run after work, but I had this slight pressure in my left ear. It just wouldn’t go away. So, I decided that instead of running, that I would go to the Urgent Care. Sure enough, an ear and sinus infection. So, I got my meds for that and when I got home, the race directors of the Worldwide Festival of Races had our first conference call for the 4th annual event!

Friday, I was hoping that I would be able to catch up on some stuff, but I woke up late. Too late to take the trash out. Then when I got to work, it was one thing after another. Mid morning, it was a computer crash where I thought I had lost the hard drive. But, Linux to the rescue, I was able to have an operational OS in about 20 minutes and found my dilemma. I will have to try to make my computer dualboot. I think that if I use the web version of my outlook that I would be functional in that enviroment. Then after lunch, it was a meeting with one the head honchos from DC. That lasted until about 2 or so and then I was just getting my day started.

Saturday, I did make it out to run… I had planned to run 18 miles, but it worked out that I would make it back to the van at 15 miles. I stopped there with the intent of running 18-20 next weekend. This way, the step to the marathon, won’t be a big issue, especially if I am running at a slower pace. But when I got home, I was really tired and took 2 naps in the afternoon while I had the kids. Then being uninspired for dinner, we had waffles that I had made before. The Elder was showing signs of being under the weather… confirmed during the middle of the night. I went to bed early as I was really tired. Make that really, really tired.

This upcoming week does have a number of appointments and meetings, but hopefully if everyone is on The Mend, that it won’t disrupt the schedule too much. You can’t just mess up my schedule! Come on! But now I have to play catchup on everything else.


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2 Responses to Double Tapped to the Head

  1. Susan says:

    Yeesh, what a week! Sorry. You’re right; if it’s not one thing, it’s ten!

  2. Marathon Chris says:

    Geez, makes me tired just reading your week…..but you are hanging in there!

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