Snowflake and antibiotics

It’s been a smash-bam time here at Planet3rry Central. Yes Sir!

Things were SO exciting that I misplaced a 16 miler around here. Anyone seen it? I know that it’s here somewhere. Here in Knoxville our weather’s forecast was a loud and vicious bark! But the bite… eh, not so much.

With rainy weather schedule for a weekend of DOOM and GLOOM (kinda the anti-thesis of SHOCK and AWE) topped with a sprinkling of some white stuff, made the people around here a little panicky. All you people who had a blanket of snow placed over your residence… or even Science Teacher Basl who had a TREE blanket her house. We here in Knoxville… had nuthin’. Well, I guess that wouldn’t be true. THe higher elevation had stuff that stuck and one of my coworkers who lives at a higher elevation greater than 1053′ had some snow that didn’t melt away… could have been because it was blustery outside that anything exposed became a popsicle. No, we had about 7 minutes of glory… and I ain’t talking about that game that you played in middle or high school… no… this was 7 minutes of a winter wonderland (as long as you were looking up toward the sky).

The snow on Sunday was a false alarm. But My Lovely and Talented Wife’s prediction of “This can’t be good”, as she rubbed her throat where a soreness crept in like a prowler in the night. It was straight out of a clinical textbook. Bacteria gets in, throws party and the place smells like a fraternity party the next morning when stale cheap beer becomes the predominant aroma infultraiting the area.

Sure enough, Sunday morning rolls around and My Lovely and Talented Wife does not roll out of bed. Down for the count for two days. Only now, Monday evening armed with a Z-pack did she make her way toward the Valley of the Living. She’s already gained quite a bit of ground… showered… eating food other than soup… life is getting better.

Thankfully, she is the only one that is ill at the present moment. You never know with those kids… one day they are running around like a maniac… next day they are screaming and crying like a maniac because their nose is running and their throat hurts…

Got some pretty big news to announce for ASD Athletes tomorrow at the earliest, but it will probably be tomorrow. Well, I can let some of the stuff out of the bag… well there wasn’t a bag and it’s all on the website. One… we have a Facebook page! That’s Right! ASD Athletes is on Facebook... and those of you TAGGED in pictures probably already know! Second… ASD Athletes is now on Twitter. Now, don’t get all excited, because we had to register my phone… and I, being a parent who texts, text like a parent with a mobile phone… very rsjklmnotuvwjklxy… but at least I am a cool enough parent to be able to text (no offense to those parents who don’t text… that jab was really focused at one individual, but not to name names or anything… but that old geezer knows who I am referring to… I can hear him now… “Back in MY DAYS, we had to mine and process the tin from the ground to make our tin-can-string-phone… and we LIKED it!”.) OKay… enough talk about my step-dad… OOOPS!

So, now ASD Athletes is on Twitter (It’s okay Pete, you don’t need to know what that is… ), just another little piece of technology to keep up with one of the COOLEST nonprofits out there!

[Ed. Note: I thought this had posted MONDAY night… I just found out (Tuesday Night at 7:30. GRRRRR]


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2 Responses to Snowflake and antibiotics

  1. Pete says:

    We also walked to and from school 10 miles uphill. Both ways. I hope your better half is well by now and that no one else got sick. As for Twitter and texting I don’t need them in retirement.

  2. penny dodson says:

    We had 6 inches of snow FINALLY! I became ill after trying, unsuccessfully, to clear the sidewalk and have bronchitis once again along with an ear infection to boot. I too am now armed with a Z-pack and the biggest antibiotic pills I’ve ever seen, let alone tried to swallow. I hope the wife is feeling better. Pamper her – I know you will.

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