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There is 16 miles on the calendar

My Running Calendar has me down for 16 miles today. I don’t believe that is going to happen today. I think what will be more in line will be 6.3 or 8.4 depending on how many laps of Lakeshore Greenway … Continue reading

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DNS – Strawplains 1/2 Marathon

That’s right folks, I did not even SHOW UP for the race. This Did Not Start is atttibuted to some injuries sustained on Wednesday Night night, the exaterbated with some mild sickness Thursday Night/Friday Morning. The injury that seem to … Continue reading

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On the Eve of a Half

I apologize, but I am running a Half Marathon tomorrow and there is no official Guess My Time, Win Crap contest. It’s okay, there will be one soon. I was thinking about a 30k (18.7 miles) at the beginning of … Continue reading

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If you live on the Eastern Part of the US and were not in a box without windows (or winders depending on where you live), then you would have known that there was a very vivacious storm that moved across … Continue reading

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That's One Small Step for [a] Man

Although it’s not quick the same magnitude as the Moon Landing, I have taken off all the pictures from Stella. Yes, this means there might be some pictures posted here, Flickr, Picasa and Facebook.

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90 Years and 1200 Miles

For the sake of National Security parts of this blog post have been CLASSIFIED Over the past few days, starting sometime in the afternoon of Thursday Past, the Family and I began a trip to Richmond Virginia to attend the … Continue reading

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When Khaki Cargo pants double as workout pants

Yesterday, being Terry Day and all, was a time for a run… a long run at that! I was hoping to get 12 miles run. With our wintry weather on Monday, I knew that it was going to be cold … Continue reading

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