Wages and Tags and Updates… Oh MY!

I woke up with morning at the nape of Dawn… that’s slightly higher than the Crack… HAHAHA.

Actually, it was around 3am and I could not go back to sleep. Thankfully, I had gone to bed early and so it wasn’t that I wasn’t getting enough sleep… it was that I was getting my regular amount. So, to keep my body on a schedule, I went ahead and got up and started the day. I was able to reconcile some of financials that have been lingering around. I even did some organization and straightening of the Workshop (which could be called The Focal Point of Chaos). And even had some domestications of putting some laundry into the washer and the dryer.

Not to worry though, I proceeded to go outside, to burn some more wood. FIRE. ME. MAKE FIREEEEEEEEE. And of course, the Loud and Loveable Skipper Doodle heard me, so that meant some rounds of Fetch… at 5am… in 30F weather. That dog is a MACHINE!

I was worried that I would be too tired today to have a productive evening. After all… it IS Terry day and I do have a long run for my training which I am behind on. I thought that I would be getting something around 16 miles in today… but given that I just did 14 miles on Saturday and I didn’t run yesterday, I thought that I would shift down to 10 miles today. I think I could do a 2.5 clover-leaf (out and back then out and back) on Neyland and 3rd Creek that would be pretty entertaining.

I am not exactly sure how I am going to make the jump to 26.2 miles on March 29th from where I am now. I am toying with backing off the long runs a notch and keeping my training speed the same for Flying Pig (May 3rd). As a result of missing the Strawplains Half Marathon on 2-14. I am not sure that I want to keep the mileage the same, even IF I try to run one of the long runs at my Knoxville Pacer speed of 12:30 min miles. I think that I will save that for a short distance to get a “feel” for the pace, but keep my endurance runs at the pace that I plan on racing Cincinnati in May. I probably should start breaking in a new pair of shoes… just in case.

I had been hoping to leave work early today, so that I could start my run earlier, but it seems once I started checking a report that has to be sent up to DC, some of the output is wrong. So that meant, I had to cross-check what I had sent the programmer and, sigh, one part of it was my fault… but the other stuff… I dunno. I don’t have a clue how they coded some of the stuff. So, that’s when I thought that I would go for 10 miles today instead… something a little shorter and more managable for the week… and I will have the weekend to get a good long run in… either 16 or 18. I might even try another “run to work” escapade. It’s just so c-c-c-cold (relative) in the morning.

I have been in the mode to Re-tag my MP3 collection. Or I should say, standardize, my MP3 collection. Directories… Filenames… Tags… all OVER the place. So, I am up to “N” right now with the (almost) final edit. I did find a pretty fast way to Rename the File name using the existing Tag AND using the Filename to Tag the MP3 file. I know… pretty crazy… but since I took the time to make the directory structure the same through out my library, this part of the project is pretty easy.

Oh… and I need to update to WordPress 2.7.1. I really just need to upload the files at this point. Yes, I KNOW that you can do it automatically, but I had some stuff that got “overwritten” and so now I need to make some manual changes and some mental notes that if I do the automatic update in the future, there are some files that I need to upload so that all my plugins work.

Well, off to run.


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3 Responses to Wages and Tags and Updates… Oh MY!

  1. Petra says:

    You’re a busy man Terry – it takes time to be organised right?

  2. Susan says:

    You are doing it all — and well! I am impressed.

  3. Jake says:

    I just got done organizing all my files. My mom, on the other hand, has about 3,000 songs in her iTunes. But she only listens to about 300 of them. Something happened and iTunes put EVERY SINGE music clip in it. So when you scroll down the songs? You find little snippets of Windows sounds, game sounds, the log on sound…it’s just a disaster.

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