Heaven in 7

Although my training schedule had 16 on the books for mileage, there was NO WAY, that I was going to attempt 16 miles. That would have been suicide. Well, it would have been a risk to having my legs revolt against me. Instead, I was either shooting from 6.3 or 8.4 miles (either 2 or 3 loops around Lakeshore Greenway). However, when it can time to actually get to leave, I decided a quick changes of plans would take me to Trusty-Rusty 3rd Creek Greenway. There I would do 6 miles and be out and back and done.

I had left my Terry-bag at home which consists of my workout clothes on Terry day. But, I had recently restocked the trunk of my car with running apparel and running accessories. So, I was still in buisness. Never let some crazy thing like forgetfulness prohibit you from doing the things you love, have a back-up plan in place… just in case. Smart and poetic to boot.

So, I was dressed, but I could have probably brought my gloves to be a tag more comfortable for my run. In the first mile I decided that it would a 7 mile day. And since it was a change in place, I decided for a change in pace. Instead of the Long Run pace or trying to find that ever sweet 12:30 mile in run and walk combo, I went out and found Tempo. Tempo pace… my favorite. If runners could run just one speed and be fully trained, it would be Tempo for me… Oh sweet, sweet Tempo.

I was pretty darn pleased with the 9:12, 9:23, 9:16, 9:11, 9:38, 9:48 and 10:16. No where near the consistency (on the end) that I would like, but still plenty fast enough and ball-park enough that things are no regressing to badly. I had been thinking during my run that “The Body Remembers” and that it is somewhat easier to train once you have done a handful of marathons. Don’t get me wrong, you still have to put in all the effort… but the point at which your body “shifts gears” and training because easier is sooner.

So, my next run is today… Thursday and I hope to log in a couple of miles maybe 4, maybe 6, we’ll see what is on the schedule.


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3 Responses to Heaven in 7

  1. ShirleyPerly says:

    Glad you were able to get out for a run. Somehow I think a really slow 7-miler would actually hurt more than a tempo 7-miler. For one thing, it’d mean you’d be out there for much longer and perhaps that is not the best thing when you’re not 100%

  2. Petra says:

    Good run Terry and nice pace. Keep it up! Hope you’re feeling good after it and that tomorrow’s run is good.

  3. DPeach says:

    I did a tempo run that day too, but mine lasted for less than 3 miles. I don’t particularly like the tempo runs myself. Outside of just running some miles, I prefer long runs as my specialty run of choice.

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