DNS – Strawplains 1/2 Marathon

That’s right folks, I did not even SHOW UP for the race. This Did Not Start is atttibuted to some injuries sustained on Wednesday Night night, the exaterbated with some mild sickness Thursday Night/Friday Morning. The injury that seem to waylay me for ALL of Saturday was some Kidney issues. Given the pain location, duration and the inability for any type of releif from it, My Lovely and Talented Wife diagnosed me some “Kidney Problem N.O.S.”

Putting on my Sherlock Holmes Hat, I sat back in my Chair and THINK. THINK. THINNNNNNNNNNNNNKKK [wait, that’s Blue’s Clues]. I was still prone on the bed, immobilized in aches. Wednesday Night, I can home and felt pretty bad. Achy all over, chills, fever and so I laid down on the floor. The Younger, seeing my moment of weakness came in at 50mph and pile drived into my back, disguised as happiness for seeing me. This is when the injury to the Kidneys happened. Then, I had some cold like symptoms Wednesday. Thursday, I started out poor and then felt better. Friday, started off with symptoms, but was making sure that nothing icky-like would be able to attach its ameoba badself on me and give me some illness, especially since I had the Strawplains Half marathon on Saturday morning. Except, that Friday afternoon, I wasn’t all that hydrated with everything else going on and then the Thai Food kicked in. Or rather, the broccolli kicked in and I was basically doubled over in pain with my stomach and then my back started hurting. This was my lovely Friday Family Movie Night.

I had little sleep Friday night and then when it came time for Saturday morning. Although my stomach was better… my back was not. No position I could find would help. My Lovely and Talented Wife then diagnosed the Kidney area as the nucleus of the pain and prescribed: No Caffiene, Cranberry Juice, and lots of liquids. Amazingly enough, after drinking the cranberry juice, my back did feel better and I kept drinking fluid. However, I was Down and Out for all of Saturday.

Sunday, I was better… the outer sides were still achy, but everything else seemed intact. I was able to operate at 100% Power but felt rushed because I had to cram the chores that I didn’t get done on Thursday/Friday plus the critical things on Saturday and then the normal Sunday stuff.

And now on Monday… I am still a little sore, less than yesterday. No substancial cold symptoms. If I feel good tomorrow, I might try that running thing again. Maybe. I might wait until Thursday. However, this little “episode” has caused some major damage to my training, more for Knoxville than Cincy. But we Runner-type are resilent, I will find a way to make it work.


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6 Responses to DNS – Strawplains 1/2 Marathon

  1. ShirleyPerly says:

    Sorry to hear you posted a DNS too (I did too). Get well soon!

  2. Marianna says:

    Bummer, T! I hope you’re back to your self soon.


  3. Petra says:

    You’re still on it. You’ll be fine with a few days off from your training (as long as you’re feeling okay again now?)

    Take care, Petra

  4. DPeach says:

    Sorry to hear about the injury. You know, you aren’t getting any younger and your kids are getting bigger. It may be best to just put on full football gear while you live the next few years into their teenage time. It may be safe when they go off to college.

  5. Samantha says:

    Eesh…sorry to hear about all the issues. Thats a smart DNS. Here’s hoping you continue to improve and training bounces back!

  6. Susan says:

    Oh I am sooooo sorry. Yikes! I know that must have hurt like the devil. Sorry!

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