If you live on the Eastern Part of the US and were not in a box without windows (or winders depending on where you live), then you would have known that there was a very vivacious storm that moved across the US on 2-11 and 2-12.Here in Knoxville, we were so fortunate to get the storm around 4:30pm yesterday and so were the 50,000 people who lost power, because at least it wasn’t dark (or all that cold around here).

It wasn’t the rain that was the problem. In fact, you really couldn’t tell that it was a major storm that had Red, Yellow and Oranges on the weather channel. Instead it was the wind. 25mph winds that gusted around 40mph. Well below the presitigous “Hurricane” status that so many Low Pressure systems aim to acheive.

There wasn’t hardly as many fallen limbs at my work and we have some rotted trees. There was one utility pole that was snapped in half that I saw while driving on the interstate. Even upon entering my subdivision, stuff looked decent. No real problems, until I turned down my street and I saw a BUNCH of debris on the roadway. I saw my neighbor coming around his house. It was then that I saw this:


090212tree02It could not have fallen in a more desirable place. It fell away from both the houses (it’s located between me and my neighbor’s house) and it fell in between two middle-sized tree. This way as it is being cut, the tension within the tree will be more contained and less chance (but not to 0) of injury, death or disfigurement.

Monday, our neighbors will have some people in to quote the clean up think that I will see how much it will be to have my other pines taken out while they are here. Given that they are all leaning and sizable girthes, I am not really going to gamble that ALL the other ones will fall exactly in a location that causes little to no damage.

One of the rewards of the pine tree falling… MORE STUFF TO BURN!!!

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  1. Susan says:

    Holy Moly Batman!

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