90 Years and 1200 Miles

For the sake of National Security parts of this blog post have been CLASSIFIED

Over the past few days, starting sometime in the afternoon of Thursday Past, the Family and I began a trip to Richmond Virginia to attend the 90th Birthday party of my Grandmother, Grandma Higgins, my Step-Dad’s Maternal Parental Unit. As far as I know, so that means, as far as I am telling you… she is the oldest living relative that I have. Well, there might be some In-Laws over in the Phillipines from My Lovely and Talented Wife’s family. You know those Pacific Rim peoples… eating rice and drinking Green Tea and living to 300 years old.

So, let me put in the disclaimer that Grandma Higgins is the oldest living relative (yet to be confirmed) in addition to be the oldest caucasion relative (pretty sure on this one) that is in my family.

The Big 9-0! Just like 38, just comes once a lifetime… but way more cooler than 38. However, when you reach the 90th, you don’t always have the greatest desire to drink shots, or go out Go-Go dancing or anything like that… leave that up to the young whipper-snappers… what’s WRONG with the youth today???

So the party for Gma H. was to have dinner Saturday Night and then Cake and Ice Cream back at her place. All of her Children came to see her, 4 boys, from basically the 4 corners of the US came to attendance, plus some of my Stepdad’s cousins, but for me to figure how they are related to her, would give me a headache. They would be… for me… Great Cousins? well, they are GREAT cousins… and they live in Tennessee, just a few miles to the West of us!

As part of our trip to Virigini, we decided to also head [CLASSIFIED] and to [CLASSIFIED] so that [CLASSIFIED] and [CLASSIFIED] could [CLASSIFIED] with [CLASSIFIED] [CLASSIFIED]. We also wanted to [CLASSIFIED] while we were at [CLASSIFIED] so that [CLASSIFIED] would have no idea that [CLASSIFIED] had [CLASSIFIED] [CLASSIFIED]. During our trip there, we stopped at a food eating establishment and just before we going to order, the power went out. And the power went out for the entire area… NOTHING. The only lights anywhere for as we could see was dark. Even the Golden [CLASSIFIED] of [McCLASSIED] was dark, so being hungry, we kept going, except that was one of the last places to stop before getting to [CLASSIFIED] which was still [CLASSIFIED] miles away. Anyway, we made it [CLASSIFIED] safely. I did take some [CLASSIFIED] but I will have to keep them [CLASSIFIED] until I get the green light from [CLASSIFIED] to un[CLASSIFIED] them. Wow… using [CLASSIFIED] really makes it faster to blog. I should [CLASSIFIED] more [CLASSIFIED] often!

I had wanted to go visit a friend that was in somewhat close proximity to [CLASSIFIED] but I ended up losing my phone while taking some pictures of the kids while outside. So it was a phone hunt to try to find my phone. but as usual, I found my phone in the last place I looked. That put us late leaving to get to Grandma’s Party we had to change our plans completely and ended up having to not see [CLASSIFIED]and [CLASSIFIED] or you can call them [CLASSIFIED] since they are joined at the hip.

We also left late enough that we were going to miss dinner, but we had called our Party ahead of time, so they were going to order and bring food to us. Which they did… and it was awesome. After getting to the hotel, showered, dressed, feed and ready to go, we were made our way down the road to Grandmother’s House… there were a few hills, but no real “woods”.

Not to drag this post out for another day in Draft mode, we had a great time at the party. The Kids were particularly hyper for the most part, but they had fun while they were there. They got to meet all of their Great Uncles, one of the wives… their great-GREAT cousins… and of course, their Great Grandmother who turned 90. Grandma’s party was rockin’ pretty late. It was after 9 or 10 before we left and the kids were on the decline… The next morning, I was going to see some friends who live in Richmond, but given the time for breakfast and packing the van, and visiting, and their schedules… it just didn’t happen. We made our way back to Tennessee late Sunday night and ready to make the best of the week coming up!


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2 Responses to 90 Years and 1200 Miles

  1. Susan says:

    OK I don’t like this classified business.. but what a nice trip and wonderful excuse to party!

  2. Pa-Pa says:

    …and a fun time was had by all.

    My parental unit was happy in extremis to see you all as were my brothers. It was great to see the boys again and see how they have grown.

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