It's a dry heat

We are back from Arizona. We rolled back into our garage this morning around 1am Eastern. We had been gone since Tuesday morning when Knoxville was being pounded (flurries of some substance) with snow and schools were closing (which they do at the mention of “snow”).

Our trip went well and without much trouble either. We had one meeting that was rearranged, which gave us a free day on Wednesday and a meeting on Thursday night. As a result we were able to sleep in and adjust to the time change… AOT which is Arizona Only Time. The heat has gotten to those in Arizona and they don’t change their time for no one… ever. So, no one is ever early or late for church twice a year… well, they can’t use THAT excuse at any rate.

With our free day we went to a county park and took a few pictures. It was absolutely gorgeous and every view was a picture postcard… even the one where I got stuck with a couple of cactus pods… that postcard would say: “Damn, out of towners…”

We even played with some linear perspective and made some funny pictures…

The conference that we attended was Mary Kay Leadership, which is for Director’s only. That’s the top 2% of the company. This year’s theme was Think BIG! and that is what I did! I learn a bunch at these conferences, and so I took lots of notes and am in the process of consolidating them. Also the time allowed me to work on other things…

  • I have most of my Trading Journal edited and will be printing that out to help track my trades from week to week.
  • I have my 2009 Running Schedule penciled together and my Two Main Focus Marathons will be Flying Pig (Cincinnati, OH) and Flying Monkey (Nashville, TN)
  • I worked a little bit more on the ASD Athletes’s paperwork. More importantly, I realized that I did more on the December Cruise than I thought, so I need to consolidate everything and I should be able to send that thing in soon

However, while I was there I didn’t get to do any running like I wanted… but I didn’t eat that unhealthy while I was there, so that’s about the same right?

But now I am back and start back up at work tomorrow… Poor My Lovely and Talented Wife had some gluten yesterday… the infamous Gluten Hangover that we get… she’s been sleeping ALL day. She woke up just briefly to eat some and then back to bed. Talk about messing up your sleep pattern… maybe she’ll be reset of time-zone/jet lag because of it… I dunno.

Oh, about the Au Pair, since there were a few comments about that… her Au Pair program is over and is over the age limit to continue. She changed her Visa to a student’s Visa and is now taking classes, therefore she is a full time student right now and taking classes.


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4 Responses to It's a dry heat

  1. Marianna says:

    So is she still with y’all, even though she’s not your au pair? That’s cool that she started school!

    I drove thru Arizona once. It seemed like a pretty state.


  2. Susan says:

    Flying Pig — wonderful!!!

    I look forward to AZ photos.

  3. ShirleyPerly says:

    Hawaii does not change their clocks either, which I like (I often forget to do so in FL). Good to hear you’ll be running some marathons and thanks for letting us know about your au pair. I’d assumed she was an older woman who already had grown-up kids, not a young woman!

  4. Penny says:

    I can’t wait to see the pictures of Arizona. My doctor tells me I should move there because my allergies are so bad. It’s a catch-22 thing because I would miss the beautiful flora and fauna of Virginia.

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