I am like famous – for a day

I was using some mad organizational skillz today at work and then, I actually had to do some work. And that led to looking at my filing cabinet and thinking… “Damn, this thing needs some organizational attention”. But now, I need to figure out exactly what I want to do… because the files that I need to re-file (the 1 folder that I tossed a bunch of other folders in, is over crowding and it’s not like I can just increase the limit during hunting purging season)… Huh, as if we ever throw anything out at my work… and now that I think about it… I might be Contractually Obligated to keep these files for (GASP) 5 years! That’s close to the average time it takes a student to graduate from college these days. Now here is my dilemma for those OCD people out there… and I know that some of the OCDers are going to get excited… you may excused yourself… but the CDO (which is like OCD, but the letters are in alphabetical order -like they should be [as found on some Facebook Flair]) will become VERY frustrated… you are REQUIRED to be excused!

So my dilemma is that I have folders… the 3 tabbed kind… Manilla Flavor. Inside are the trees that I have killed printouts of the information that I have provided these “offices”. These offices are found “around the nation” and are broken into “regions”. I am not “exactly” why I am doing “this” it is not like my stuff is classified… crap, I said too much. Now, I am servicing about 20% of the offices right now and once word gets out on how AWESOME I am, it might increase to 22%. Of course, with the change of office up in DC, directives might change… and I might get 120% of the offices. Wha? How can I get 120% of the offices… well this IS a Government Agency we are talking about and they do things that baffle the mind… like are going to consider granting me 501(c)(3) status for my charity or going to stimulate the economy with bags of cash… why not just give everyone Wiis? I mean really, that is what they are going to buy anyway… and they are made in USA right? [GUITAR HERO ROX WOOOOOOOOO]

Sorry… tangent. Cotanget. Marco… Polo. Okay, now I am just getting plain WEIRD.

[Using The Force to focus] Now, my question (FINALLY) is this… if I am pretty sure… say 76.8% sure that I will get more offices to have to archive, how would I want to organize the folders? Do, I change my manilla folders to Hanging Folders? Do I put each manilla folder into a hanging folder? Do I use color manilla folders… wait, do I use color tabbed folders? Or do I use colored hanging file folders? And do I color code my state? No, that’s pretty silly, I don’t think there are enough hanging folder colors out there to get 50 different colors and hell if I am going to get a box of Crayola 64 and hand color hanging folders. I could get the Medical Folders, but I have no CLUE as how to use those number/letter stickers that Doctor’s offices use. So, I get to contemplate THAT at work…

Oh yeah! Guess what? Today is MY day over at Tales of a Dysfunctional Family! That’s right! My post has been up there for today… and just now am I getting to it. It must have been the organizational stuff today that threw my day off… I sure hope it’s not that Mercury Retrograde crap again!


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