Alex, a runner.

I originally learned about Alex from his mom, Jypsy (commenting name) when she emailed me about how my (previous) comment forms were crap and very frustrating! And yes, they were crappity-crap and thus, I found the CForms II which is like a breathe of fresh air, plus I can do wicked-wild things with them and make them super-cool.

okay, this is about Alex, not forms. Alex is a runner and a very fast runner. His first marathon 3:29:29! Yeah, I know! And he’s very passionate about running. In 2006, He raised $6000 for a charitable cause! Although I would have difficultly keeping up with a 3:30 pace there is some else that Alex and I have in common besides running and charitable causes. We are both on the Spectrum.


Read about Alex “Runman” Bain at his website at RUNMAN

Be sure to read the December 17th Post that has Alex featured in The Guardian newspaper.

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4 Responses to Alex, a runner.

  1. Petra says:

    Wow. Very inspiring and inspirational story.

  2. jypsy says:


    Actually, his blog’s name is just “Runman” (“One Step Ahead” comes from that Guardian newspaper article). And while you’re reading that article, do read the comments I posted…

    Thanx for the shout out Terry, seems we’re having quite a day – this blog is running a story on Alex’s dad & I today (and Alex).

    Alex’s next run will be the Freeze your Gizzard Half-Marathon in February, the PEI RoadRunner’s schedule doesn’t get going full steam until April then he’ll be racing pretty much every weekend. Sadly, Team PEI (and Alex) won’t be in the Cabot Trail Relay this year but he hopes to get at least one race on the mainland in, knock off a PB or 2, get closer to his Boston qualifying time, and more than anything, he wants to be a torchbearer in the Olympic Torch Run when it crosses Prince Edward Island next November.

    Maybe someday you two will line up together at a start line somewhere…..

    Happy Trails!

  3. Samantha says:

    Great story! Adding Alex to the read list! What talent!

  4. Finally took some time to visit here and read your post!

    Great story. I love how you’re featuring inspirational stories from around the globe. Isn’t the internet grand?

    PS: Happy guest-blogging!

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