Two Zero Zero Niner, Over

The end of 2008 seem to disppear very quickly… I looked at my watch and it said 11:44pm, then just “a moment” later it said 12:03am. WHAT THE! I told the My Lovely and Talented Wife that we had missed New Years. However, one of the clocks in the kitchen said 12:00am, and so be proceeded to partake in our annual New Years Kiss/Photograph to welcome in the new year.

The kids were going to stay up until midnight watching football with Daddy but when the second half of the Peach Bowl (not to be confused with dPeach, avid runner, father, podcaster and religious scholar) came on and LSU was beating the stripes off of the Georia Tech Yellow Jackets, they fell asleep quickly and with the game pretty much decided, I went off to do more important things.

So, it’s 2009 and time to start fresh right? Resolutions? Yes and No. Although I want to start fresh, there is no real reason to need to start on January 1st on new ideas and concepts. Which is a good things, because January 1st has come and gone and I don’t have things listed out. So, if I followed that way of thinking, I am already a failure.

However: “Success is the only Option” – Jennifer Higgins, entrenpuener, mother, wife and all around hot chick

The above quote is the Mantra that My Lovely and Talented Wife is using for her business and quest for her goal of becoming a National Sales Director in Mary Kay. The quote is derived from a quote that was in the movie Apollo 13, n account of the events surrounding the 1970 Apollo 13 mission that did not go as planned. During this mission, the lifes of 3 astronauts were in peril danger in outspace when a device failure caused the initial mission of landing on the moon to be aborted and the safe return of the astronauts became the Main Objective. So I am on the Support Crew for her mission to become an NSD in 2013.

But I am not the only person in the Tribal House to have goals. The Elder and The Younger have recently realized goals of theirs with the arrival of Better Batter Baseball and The Kitchen. They two are starting to have New Goals as The Elder has made Arthur his goal and the The Youger (to my knowledge) doesn’t know yet. They will make posters as they did for the Kitchen and BBBaseball, as a reminder of what they are working toward.

In addition, there is the recent post by Runner Sam, who by the way moved to Guam on December 15th with her family, where she talks about her Yellow Brick Road theme for her goals and dreams.

So this leads me into me getting in the creative mode and figuring out what I want my Goal Poster to look like. I have an old one that seriously needs to be redone, so January 2nd seems like a great time to start! Now, I have to figure out what cool “theme” or motif I am going to use as the basis.

I have commited to taking a picture everyday this year and posting it. Sometimes, it might just be the picture and no details, other times, it may be the start of a post. I know there is an “official” group that does this and I will probably link up some how, but for now, I want to get in the routine of taking pictures everyday, not just when there is an opportunity. I will be posting the pictures here, Facebook, Flickr and Picasa.

Now, I am off to see what my running calender is going to look like for this year…


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5 Responses to Two Zero Zero Niner, Over

  1. Petra says:

    Happy new 2009 Terry – can’t wait to see what you’ve got planned – in running and beyond it!

  2. Susan says:

    I can’t wait to see the goal poster! And what a great idea in terms of the boys, also. I will incorporate that one day! And I LOVE Jenn’s mantra. Fabulous!

  3. darrell says:

    Happy New Year Terry!
    Thanks for the “Guess times, win Stuff” stuff. Homer is growing but has a bad case of male pattern baldness. I should take picture and post it, heh?

  4. Samantha says:

    Looking forward to seeing/hearing how your poster progresses! Here’s to a wonderful 09…don’t feel bad about missing the precise moment. We were in bed hours before!

  5. DPeach says:

    Hey I got a mention in this post. Cool. Good thing you did not say I was an avid blog commenter. I have not done so well lately. I eventually got around to reading it.

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