Christmas, now 50 percent off

I am back at the computer now. Surprisingly enough, I didn’t go through withdrawl over the past 8-10 days or so that I have had none to little computer access. Of course, now I am behind and so I have to play catch-up (not to be confused with mustard, which I did yesterday in the bathroom) on everything that is in the Planet3rry eLife.

As, for Christmas, it was a wierd trip this year. It wasn’t “bad” or not enjoyable, it was just different. I never left property until it was time to go. I did go on a Wild Turkey hunt (and no, it wasn’t the 100 proof Wild Turkey) but the “it goes well with cranberry sauce” wild turkey. As for My tradtions that I had been lamenting over the last few posts before Christmas, I never saw Christmas Vacation, the movie. Not even a part of it. I did catch a part of A Christmas Story… and by a part, I mean around 15 minutes total of it… and not all at once. Melanie-In-Law’s boyfriend (JOE JOE JOE), had control of the remote (again, something new to the household) and he kept it on the History Channel for most of the time. And I LOVE the History Channel, so I was mesmerizered when they were going over the Christmas Light Technology of the past 50 years. In the past, I could either turn on Football or A Christmas Story and the remote would be “conveniently lost” for a day.

There wasn’t much singing in the house during Christmas. Usually, Lola guilts strong arms the Kids to sing a few Christmas Songs and I usually play Pool while they sing. Well, there was only Melanie-In-Law on the piano, something that My Lovely and Talented Wife usually does.

It could have been that My Lovely and Talented Wife was Down and Out with some illness, that we go medicine for now that we are back. We had The Cousins (Brian 9.10 and Will 7.4) babysit entertain The Kids, which was a relief to me. We have Brian 9.10 who is a reincarnation of James Calhoun, as he is The Great Compromiser and then there is Will 7.4 who is The Informant. I got to spend time chatting with David-In-Law about “stuff” since we have alot in common and also Amy-In-Law (wife of David and mother of The Cousins).

Probably the coolest part of the whole Christmas in Loris excursion, which even beat out BURNING STUFF for 5 hours, was Playing Guitar Hero with David-In-Law and Will 7.4. I had a BLAST! It was awesome playing Guitar, David-In-Law playing Bass and Will 7.4 was singing. I am actually hoping that we can play it again soon and gives me incentive to practice my shredding skills. FUN FUN FUN.

There are other things, but those will come later, I need to Spread the Wealth around my responsibilities and I don’t want to neglect things, like I have been in the past. Well, that is… not blogging as much.

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2 Responses to Christmas, now 50 percent off

  1. Susan says:

    Sounds like the different trip turned out to be a good trip! Change is good.

  2. dpal says:

    You can now use that as an excuse to come and visit again sooner… “But, Hon – I need to hone my guitar shredding skillz… Let’s pack up and head for Loris for the weekend!”

    Anytime you wanna play… Actually, if the AP has hers connected, we could probably play GH3 online together. No singing, and no drums, but we could play co-op 1 lead and 1 bass.

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