Christmas Again

[ed. I wrote most of this on Friday, figured out my WordPress Woes,. but didn’t get to post until Monday]

One of the nice things about working for the University is there are a number of “Administrative Closing” days inherent in the system. This means that you don’t have to worry about taking time off around Christmas to actually have something of a Christmas Holiday. Given that Christmas is on a Thursday, this would mean that most would have the 26th off giving them a 4 day Holiday… although technically, not much happens in (any companiy’s) offices on Christmas Eve… unless there is an interesting “Office” “party” with “mistletoe” and the holiday “yule” “log” when “Santa” is “checking” his “list” to find out who has been “naughty” and “nice”.

The University will be closed all of next week, starting Friday after work. So I get a 9 day weekend. This was one of the perks that swayed me to this job, because it wasn’t the salary amount. Now, I do have to come to work on the 29th… and I only get off on January 1st. But, I will worry about that next year… sheesh.

This year has had its share of traditions and alternations to traditions. For Example… I try to watch A Christmas Story at least twice before going to the In Laws house for Christmas. I can usually get the TV on TBS who has the annual 24hrs of A Christmas Story (you know a Gen-Xer is the scheduler). there, I can watch enough “parts” of the movie to see the entire thing. Well, AS-IF I really need to watch the movie to know what’s going on… I mean… I’ll just play it in my head.

The other movie tradition is Christmas Vacation. Now, I usually would catch this on TV while I was making some Holiday Bakeries… but this year, we don’t really watch TV anymore and I am not baking anything. Seriously. I’d love to make some Soy Milk Fudge… but I don’t have a recipe. I did have the DIVINE inspiration to make some Truffles with Coconut Milk/Cream. Perhaps, that is something I can do in South Carolina. Rumor has it that my in-laws have come up to the mid-2000s and have gotten Wifi. That beats the dial-up they had and perhaps I can be online during the downtime there, if any. Oh… downtime… right.

So, I haven’t seen Christmas Vacation, yet. There is always Monday’s Date Night… don’t worry, I’m not really thinking of a date watching Christmas Vacation.

Another thing that has been altered this year is Christmas Songs. I pooled my Christmas Collection in iTunes and it says that I have 455 Christmas songs which will last 1 day with 1.33 GB of Holidaze music… both includes the Classics and some the Comedy and some the Classic Comedy and some the “What-Tha?”. Typically, my Holiday Season starts with me listening to the U2’s version of Christmas (Baby Please Come Home) and from there I listen to Run-D.M.C.’s Christmas in Hollis then to Jimmy Buffett’s Ho Ho Ho and a Bottle of Rhum then to XTC’s Thanks for Christmas and finalize the beginning of The Season with The Twelve Days of Christmas by Bob and Doug MacKenzie. “What are you doin’?”

Well, I haven’t heard Run-D.M.C or Jimmy Buffett (that specific song) because I have been listening to the 24hr Christmas Music station here in Knoxville B97.5 and in the evening it’s Christmas with Delilah and when it comes to Easy Listening, she is the sappy-love easy listening, so although it’s been some the classics… she’s not going to play Run-D.M.C. Since I stay up late, Delilah goes off the air and then is followed up by the “I Can’t Believe I am actually listening to John Tesh” John Tesh. And it’s train wreck for me… not that I would ever “admit” to listening to Tesh, but there is this thing he does called “Intelligence for your Life” and it’s like CRACK to me! Little informational tidbits with teasers to keep you waiting until the next segment.

Some examples (from are:
“Police-Friendly Windshield Stickers – posted 12/18/2008
Does Color Have an Impact On What You’re Buying This Year? – posted 12/18/2008
Are You a Left-Lane Slowpoke? – posted 12/18/2008
Are You A Dangerous Driver? – posted 12/18/2008
Don’t Let the Economy Bring You Down This Christmas – posted 12/17/2008
Plastic Surgery Isn’t Only for the Living – posted 12/17/2008
Do You Have “TiVo Guilt?” – posted 12/17/2008
Wanted: The Next Obama Impersonator – posted 12/17/2008
Beware of Chicken Trucks – posted 12/9/2008
Christmas Trees – posted 12/9/2008″

Seriously… I want to find out what Zombies are doing getting Plastic Surgery

“Hey Frank, I heard that Linda over in the Mausoleum got a Face Drop”
“I thought something looked different, she does look more imposing now… but soooo fake.”


Now that it is Monday, I didn’t get to post a Photohunters post NOR a Success Sunday… It’s been like FOREVER since I have done either one of them. Well, it’s not like I haven’t been thinking of them. I just haven’t been writing them. Now that we have My Lovely and Talented Wife’s new laptop, we are going to start getting it ready, which’ll mean that I’ll have a laptop to use and possible get more computer time.

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2 Responses to Christmas Again

  1. Susan says:

    I used to listen to Delilah before we moved, then I “lost” her. So I appreciate the reminder/link. Merry Christmas!

  2. Samantha says:

    Merry Christmas to your crew!

    I used to listen to Delilah alot. Now I just listen to CD’s.

    I too have been bad on not doing Success Sunday (or TatT). Hopefully I can get started back!

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