Can't Spell Parties without IEP

because then it would just be RATS! [queue Schoolhouse Rocks]

Okay… still no step for Terry and no great step for the Running Universe. Although I did get this Wicked Cool (for the Northerners), Count (for the Southerners, I mean, East Tennesseans), Jolly Good (for the British), Fooking Goot (for the Scottish), Gnarly Dude (for the West Coasts) and WOO HOO (for Homer Simpson) NASA hat that I can wear this winter! I am VERY excited.

Earlier this Month (as in 12.5 to 12.8) we went on a cruise to the Bahamas… the short version, because we are now DAYS removed, was that it was not long enough (wahahaha). We were on the Monarch of the Seas with Royal Caribbean to Nassau for a day and then to CocoCay (Royal Caribbean’s Island). This was a business trip for My Lovely and Talented Wife, as she had to “earn” a spot into the workshop that was being hosted by the Group Leaders. So filled with fun, there was learning and inspiration.

I’ll be posting some pictures on my Flikr site… I need to get my Flikr Badge back here on this website… As well as figure out how to get the Facebook Flickr badge as well. I had been hoping to get some camera lens shopping in, but the Bahamas didn’t really have good electronics (that was advertised) near the ship and the second port was scrubbed due to high winds and rain. I don’t think they had anything like that anyway…

As with almost everything Cruise related, it was very fun and enjoyable! Can’t wait to go on another one.

I had THREE Christmas Parties yesterday! First was The Elder’s Christmas party at his school. I went there in the morning and helped with the “Reindeer Food” Station. Helping the kids pour some oats into a tin and then pour a “small” amount of glitter into it “so that the Reindeer could see it from the sky” (wink wink). Anyway, the Reindeer will be able to see me, since I came back with some glitter on me. For being Kindergarteners, they really weren’t all that neat and tidy… glitter was everywhere!

Then, after The Elder’s party, there was MY 40hr Job’s Christmas party, which was a luncheon at a local Bar and Grill. Unfortunately, there was NO Holiday Libations… it would have made it MUCH MORE exciting. Instead we had some nice “traditional” Holiday fare, such as Turkey, green beans, rolls, mashed potatoes, gravy. Then we went back to the office and had desserts. Being that I “forgot” my dessert because I was coming from The Elder’s party, I was a little weary about hanging out there, worried that the Dessert Police would get me. No one noticed, so I didn’t say anything. Our office’s Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell policy.

Then, I went home, were we hosting My Lovely and Talented Wife’s networking group’s Christmas Party. Boy O Boy… it was actually really fun. Although for Blog Material, it was kinda lean.

But this morning we had The Elder’s OT part of the IEP. Now, My Lovely and Talented Wife may have a different perspective but it seems that our IEP team actually cares for our kid and is doing what they can to maximize everything for him. It was almost like an IEP Party in itself! And I am VERY excited, but we may have found The Elder a swim team…


I am having some WordPress issues. I have upgrade to WP 2.7 without much fanfare, but I had a number of plugins that needed upgrading. Now, I seem to be having some Internal Server Errors (500) that are causing WordPress to soft-crash. Also, my Tiny MCE in my Visual is no where to be seen… So, I have a few things to work out. I am not a big fan of the side menus as my plugin for the condensed menus of WP previous was much faster and more efficient, but who I am to argue over progress.


ASD Athletes is coming along. I am still in the process of filling out the IRS form 1023, which is the application for IRS tax-deductibleness. I am having to create some sort of “Board” or other “Leadership” structure. So, I am working on getting that and some of the other Narratives that you have to include. It’s a rather lengthy form. My plans is to have that in place early next year, then get some heavy marketing out there and maybe have enough funds to start collect applications by summer with some Fall Sports!

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2 Responses to Can't Spell Parties without IEP

  1. Petra says:

    Hey Terry – you seem really busy and happy at the moment. Delighted that things are going so well though for all of you – that’s great news about your son’s swim team. Good luck with it and with getting on top of it all – and merry Christmas!

  2. Susan says:

    3 parties in one day — that must be some kind of record! Fun.

    I am so glad to hear that things are going so well for The Elder. You must be super happy!

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