I thought there would be more

I THOUGHT there would be more Blogging and defintiely MORE running… but Nope. There’s been more blogging then running and NOT BY CHOICE! It seems that when I start to get something together… there is a schedule change and so I am forced to hang the shoes up for that day. THEN when I try to go at lunch time, there is something called RAIN, that keeps me from running.

NOW, I have a head cold of sorts that I have battled back over from the weekend! If I keep up with the tylenol and meds, I would be able to run… but there is a schedule change. Maybe Thursday, Maybe Never. The first week was fine and dandy… and even the second week was “okay”… as I often say “Never Underestimate the Power of a Rest Day” but now that it’s been since 11.23 since I have ran. It’s getting a little old. and I am getting a little poochy… as in the stomach.

But the ideas on Blogging haven’t been missing. it’s just that My Lovely and Talented Wife wanted a new laptop, so she sabotaged mine. Forcing ME to buy a new laptop for her, which I then get the “hand me down”. Yeah… that’s how it rolls in my house.

And WordPress is kindly asking me to upgrade…so I better tend to that… My My Lovely and Talented Wife’s new computer should be here on or near the weekend. Perhaps I will have more time to blog. Oh wait, my in-laws don’t have wifi… History seems to be repeating itself.

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3 Responses to I thought there would be more

  1. Susan says:

    Busy time of year strikes again!

  2. Marianna says:

    I came back from R&R with a cold.. blech! And major jet lag.

    This is a weird time of the year, for sure.


  3. LATW says:

    The flying monkey made me do it. I think the inverter might have shorted something in the van so we might want to check it out before we plug the dvd player in it for the trip.

    oh and your in-laws do have wifi now!

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