Terry Higgins and AIDS

I just had a trifecta happen and so I thought I would blog about it before I got the (Flying) Monkey (Marathon Race Report) Off My Back.

Component #1 WORLD AIDS DAY. December 1st is known as World AIDS Day. I just read an email from Starbucks Coffee that detailed the Worlds AIDS Day support/awareness that the coffee stores were going to do. So, that got the ball rolling.

Component #2 PROJECT (RED). For my personal accomplishment of completing 2 marathons back to back and the fact that my used iPod 2G Nano died, I thought I would reward myself with a brand new iPod. I thought, why not get an iPod Shuffle… they are small and I don’t need something huge. So I bought an iPod Shuffle on Black Friday. There was Free Shipping and looking around, there was something about an exclusive (RED) iPod shuffle ONLY at the Apple Store. So I thought, I have NO idea what this “RED” thing is but if it is exclusive, then COOL. I’ll do it! Well, last night the iPod arrived and i discovered that (RED) is a project to eliminate AIDS in Africa. I wonder if they know it’s Christmastime at all?

Component #3 TERRY HIGGINS. In 2004, I Googled myself for fun. Sometimes I would Google myself twice or even three times a day 😉 and each time, the first reference to me, Terry Higgins of Planet3rry Fame was on page 3 or 4 and that was my resume that I had with the University of Tennessee Statistics Department Website. The very FIRST reference was for Terrence (Terry) Higgins, the one of the very first cases of someone dying from AIDS in England.

So, ME (Terry Higgins) getting an iPod Shuffle to benefit an AIDS charity on World AIDS Day…

[ed. Now, if you google ‘Terry Higgins’ I am FOURTH on the first page, right after Terrence Higgins, a Saxophone player in Chicago area, and a sex kitten glamour girl from the 60s. Figures the chick with big rack would be the #1 result]


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  1. Susan says:

    My ipod is one of the red ones!

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