Monkey Mode

There’s 3 days left… well really now just two as the twilight of the Thursday Sun fades in the West. OKay, so 2 days… and let me tell you… I AM A HUNGRY MOFO! Oh my goodness! I have been eating everthing that I can get my hands on. I ate 3 Clif Bars this afternoon, just so that I wouldn’t shove candy in my mouth. I mean, a bag of Smarties does sound good right now!

Like the title suggests, I am starting to get into Monkey Mode. I have looked at the Map and they sure do promise hills! I wonder if the running bib doubles as a sickness bag because if you look at the Map Profile on the MAP Page, it’s insane. Someone would have to be a maniac to go across these hills… You are never on a flat spot, wait, I take that back… the first 10 feet of the race is semi-flat. But you are either going UP HILL or you are going DOWN HILL.

I need to podcast this, just for the potential Train Wreck that is Terry on Sunday.

A big difference than Rutledge is that you are never in one direction very long. Where as in Rutledge, you were running either North, East, South or West… At The Monkey, you are running… SSW then W then NNW then NWN, the SE then SSEENNEWNENWWES

So, at least the directional changes will help mitigate any FREAKIN’ 15-20mph headwind that might be present on race day. And seeing that it’s 3, “no 2 sir”, days out I thought I would peek at the weather. 3 days out here in East Tennessee and the weather people have about a 75% chance of being 50-50 about the weather. “If the Storm ain’t not git hare t’ay… it’ll git hare t’m’row”


Another that is nice despite the HILLS being wind blockers is the number of trees around. Reminds me of Chickamauga 2007 when the trees provide a HUGE reprieve from the Sun when it finally broke out. So good wind blockers and sun blockers, even if the leaves ar down. That will allow us to see the Killer Death Flying Monkeys before they attack.


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2 Responses to Monkey Mode

  1. Susan says:

    You are going to have quite an adventure, Sir Maniac.

  2. ShirleyPerly says:

    HOLY HILL MANIA!!! Boy, you sure can pick them. I think I got a bit seasick just looking at all those ups and downs. But strangely enough, it does look fun in a I-want-to-run-a-really-hard-course-to-see-if-I-die type of way. GOOD LUCK!!!

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