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t’s that time again! It’s time to Guess My Time and WIN CRAP Special Marathon edition! There are more ways to win and there is going to be a Grand Piece of Crap Prize for an Overall Guess of my time.

Instead of submitting your time as a comment, you’ll need to use the forms that are in the shaded box for that particular contest. I’ll receive an email for that race

Rutledge Marathon Contest080731rut
Using the Rutledge Marathon Form, submit your guess of my official finishing time. Time Guesses will be accepted up until 10am on Saturday November 15th (Day of Race of the Rutledge Marathon)


GIFT CARDS THAT EQUAL HALF OF MY FINISHING TIME IN MINUTES MULTIPLIED BY 0.1. E.g. if I finishing in 3:59:29, that would be (3*60)+(59)+(29/60)=239.5, then 239.5/2 = 119.75*0.1 = 11.975 or $11.98


Overall Time Contest

Using the Overall Time Form, submit your guess of my combined time of Rutledge AND Harpeth Hills. Your deadline to do participate is 10am on Saturday November 15th (Day of Race of the Rutledge Marathon).


If you thought that I would complete Rutledge Marathon in 3 hours and the Harpeth Hills Marathon in 6 hours 45 minutes, you would enter 9 hours 45 minutes. I apologize for making you do math, it’s just part of the game.

Grand Prize:

WIN THIS!GPX Docking Station

PLUS: An ASD Athletes Technical Shirt (provided that I have your desired size)


Harpeth Hills Flying Monkey Marathon Contest080731monkey
Using the Flying Monkey Form, submit your guess of my official finishing time. Your deadline to do participate is 10am on Sunday November 23rd (Day of Race of the Harpeth Hills Flying Monkey Marathon).



So as you can see, the organizers of this contest have spared no expense on providing great gifts for you to win!

Winners will be announced as soon as either:

1) I have the official results AND have a chance to get to the computer (provided that I am conscious)

2) My next of Kin can get to the computer

Typically for these contests, I try to give you some information that will help you “Guess” what my time will be. However, I have never run marathons within 8 days of each other, so I don’t have anything to really give you. But I will supply my past marathon times to help.

Historical Times

Race Date Finishing Time My Comments
Richmond Marathon Nov-13-1999
4:15:55 Not a clue on what to expect
Richmond Marathon Nov-18-2000 4:18:31 Thought I knew it all, but got burned
Myrtle Beach Marathon Feb-17-2001 4:23:35 Super Strong Head Wind from Miles 9-12 that slowed me down
Richmond Marathon Nov-10-2001
4:09:03 Found My Groove at Mile 4 and sailed to PR RACE REPORT
Mardi Gras Marathon
4:38:14 GROSSLY UNDERTRAINED. Only ran because I had the opportunity to run.
Richmond Marathon Nov-09-2002
4:27:06 WORST MARATHON EVER! Hit the Wall at Mile 14. Ran my 5k PR time the week before – STOOPID RACE REPORT
Virginia Creeper Marathon
Mar-30-2003 4:57:54 24 miles of this is trails… and there happened to be 4inches of snow on the ground at Race Start RACE REPORT
Myrtle Beach Marathon
4:45:20 Was using this marathon as a Dress Rehearsal for Knoxville Marathon, hit The Wall Hard at mile 20, last 10k was slow RACE REPORT
Knoxville Marathon
Mar-26-2006 4:21:44 Hit Wall around Mile 22, toughest marathon course ran to date RACE REPORT
Chickamauga Marathon
Nov-10-2007 4:08:39 Rolling Hill Course. Hit Wall at Mile 25 RACE REPORT

And you can also peruse my Buckeye Outdoors Training Log


  • You can enter as many times as you want, but only your most recent entry based on the timestamp will be your official guess
  • This will be an Over/Under format, meaning that the closest time over or under my finishing time will be valid to win.
  • The Official Time as reported at the event website will be the End-all-Be-all result. Should no result be posted, then my watch time will be used.
  • Winners will have to send me their postal address to gain their prize unless I already have it. Giving me their address subjects them to such things as world domination, Christmas Cards, and other random items (and sometimes embarrassing items) sent to their homes.
  • There are no restriction for past winners… Enter and Win and Enter Again.

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