Cupcakes, CDs and Chats

In some ways it’s really late. In other ways, it’s really early. I feel tired, but am not that sleep. Strange because I had one of my faster (although maybe not smartest) runs in the past few months. You would figure that I would be more tired then this. Earlier in the week, I had to lay down at this time or sooner because I was tired. Now, I am still awake.

So, I had a few things to do this evening apart from running, things that are due today, Friday. One of them was to make some Gluten Free, Casein Free cupcakes for The Elder’s Harvest Hoedown this weekend. Ever since we went on the Gluten Free diet in June 2007 and then Casein Free (minus some chocolate) a few months later, it’s amazing at how difficult it can be for people with Celiac Disease (can’t eat wheat, barley, rye, and sometime oats) in finding foods in the general public. There seems to be some shift in mainstream grocery stores to care more natural foods and this means Gluten Free items. It’s pretty amazing what Tapioca can do! With a blend of Tapioca Flour, Rice Flour, Tapioca Starch, Cornstarch, I was able to make some chocolate cupcakes that look like chocolate cupcakes and don’t taste like cardboard. I will defer frosting them in the morning after my “nap”.

I talked about going to a birthday for a girl that rides The Elder’s bus. Now that I have FINALLY burned the CD for her mom, it finished about 5 minutes ago, I can put together a picasa album together. I should also look into the Flickr Uploadr as well.

Now, I can tell that I am getting sleepy… so I better take the Blue Bonnet out so that it can soften over the next 4 hours.


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