If you haven’t already heard, if you vote and then go to Starbucks, they will give you a small (Tall to them) cup of Coffee (their own) free of charge. I wanted to post a link to it from the website as my information was sent to me via email… but I could not find it on the website… so your results may vary if you choose this.

But I am looking at the clock and I see that it’s now past 1am… crap. I was all into making some last minute decisions on the elections tomorrow. Here in Knox County, there are some Charter Admendments that are on the ballot. And under Full Disclosure, I am not exactly sure who to vote for… I have a voting history that cross parties lines. And for me, I like some this about one candidate and other things about the other. But, I think I finally made my selection as to vote for which candidate the Electoral College in the Great State of Tennessee should vote for later in the year.

So, the kitchen is a tad messy, but I am not staying up any longer. I am going to bed and wake up in the morning. Although, it’s technically morning, so I will take an extended nap. Thank Goodness there is free coffee tomorrow! I am going to need it.

I can’t say that I am very political… you would think that with Star Wars having very strong political undertones to it, that I might have a strong yearning to be interested. Well, maybe a position in the Imperial Senate, after all policies such as “The regional governors now have direct control over territories. Fear will keep the local systems in line” seem to work as long as a small one-manned fighter didn’t infiltrate the outer defenses and destroy your Galactic Ball of Fear.

But you have to be involved to make things better for the world, starting with yourself, your family unit, your neighborhood, your city/county, your state, The Country. I might even have to blog on who I voted for…

Most people don’t share who they voted for or are ambiguous about it, as not to say the wrong person and draw disdain from their peers. Of course, the Old Guys that I work complain about everything… so it’s hard for me to discern who they voted for, although they seem Republican, I am not sure that they are particularly excited about George W. Bush… all I do know about talking with them is that it’s going to be warm this week with possible cold spell by Friday.

Of course, with one of the Ladies that I work with, her views are very transparent, and even I can pick up on them… she Early Voted for B.O. (and that’s not body odor), I am pretty certain.

Blogging it will give an exercise for me on what I believe the Government should be, even it’s just sunshine those politicians are blowing…


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4 Responses to Election

  1. Marianna says:


  2. Susan says:

    I hate this day — well, the voting part of it. I detest politics. Yuck. But I am going to vote so I am a “good American.” Ha!

  3. dpal says:

    Ben and Jerry’s is offering a free scoop of ice cream today as well

  4. Leesa says:

    Starbucks & Ben&Jerry’s?? Darn, makes me wish I lived in a real city.

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